My baby is 2 months and 6 days old now and she just doesnt seem to latch on my breasts now. Whenever I am about to feed her, she starts crying very loudly. But she is absolutely okay when I feed her with the bottle. I dont know what I can do to breast feed her, what are the disadvantages of feedign her with instant formula?


Holly Janelle - posted on 07/31/2011




I would stop feeding her with the bottle until she gets latching at your breast down. She is going to favor a bottle because they get the milk out faster that way because they don't have to wait for the let down. Also talk to a lactation consultant at your hospital they helped me so much I couldn't have made it without them. They set up appointments with me to help me with latching and weighing her before and after and talked me through everything they were apsolutely wonderful!! My daughter is 4 months and 12 days old and we have become a great team! And I'm sure you two will also :)

There are several disadvantages to giving formula. If your not pumping and giving your baby formula that's going to hurt your supply, because your not emptying your just telling your body she doesn't eat as much anymore so don't make as much anymoreand your supply will decrease. It isn't good for your babies gut their digestive system is not fully developed yet and it hurts the natural flora of their tummy. From the last time you gave your baby formula it takes 2 weeks maybe a little longer for their stomach to get back to normal and healthy the way it was before you added formula to her diet. You may enjoy the fact the your baby goes longer without eating with formula than breastmilk but it's only benefitting you.The reasons why formula fed infants go longer without eating is because their bodies weren't made to digest it, breastmilk is made unique for each child and their specific needs so they can efficiently digest it. You can also talk to a lactation consultant who can give you more information but I would stop stop with the bottle and formula feeding until your daughter has it down.

Also 2 months is a growth spurt so that may be why she is fussy at the breastand wants to eat all the time that's her job to build your supply and get it to where she needs it. Hope I helped the best of luck to you and your sweet girl. You can do it if you set your mind to it. Just remember breast is best!X

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