my babygirl is in the nicu and ive been breast puming for about 23days today an havent been getting much milk i only get up to 20 ml everytime i pump an that aint enough for my girl she today drinks 60 ml a bottle how can i get my milk to come in more i feel likem ive tried everything but just not enough ?


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Rachael - posted on 08/25/2012




talk to the lactation consultant in the NICU they should be able to give you some tips to help you out. Pumping for a NICU baby is VERY different than pumping to go back to work or for a baby who can't/won't latch. Good luck and I hope your sweetheart joins you at home soon.

User - posted on 08/25/2012




I find that having a hot shower and letting the water fall on my chest helps my milk to flow. I try to drink a few glasses of water in between pumping. And having his cry on my phone seems to help with the letting down of my milk, weird i know but it did works. Hope this helps:) gook luck

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