My daughter is a terrible sleeper!! Any tips??

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My daughter will be 2 in April and she has not slept thru the night.. EVER!! Its really frustrating.. She'll go to sleep around 8:30-9:30 but then wakes up around 12-1 asking for juice or sometimes screaming. Then she'll drink her juice put it aside and go to sleep. SOmetimes she'll wake up again around 3 crying and i have to keep telling her to go back to sleep til finally i have to ly her down myself a then she wakes up around 5:30-6 and comes onto my bed.. I never rocked her to sleep or let her sleep on our bed so I didnt get her used to anything. The whole CIO thing doesnt work with her and I also find it cruel. Putting her to sleep later isnt an option because we wake up every morning at 6:45 for work and she needs her sleep. Im hoping things will change once she gets her own room. But in the meantime I need some advice as to how to get this child to sleep thru the night. And for me to finally get some sleep!! HELP : (


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Does she sleep during the day? If she doesnt she might need to go to bed earlier try for 7-730. Also if it is possible to give her only water not juice during the night as the sugar would make for a restless sleep, if you can stop the drink all together would be best. Where is she sleeping? When she does wake up try telling her in a quiet and calm voice that it is sleep time good night, and leave it at that. If she is in the same room as you it will make it very hard to get her to sleep through as she knows your there. I went to a sleep clinic where they taught us how to get my daughter to selfsettle and she went from being b/f to sleep to self settling in four nights. Yes she does cry a little but we have the same routine every night and she goes into her cot with kisses and cuddles, say good night sweet dreams I love you and see you in the morning and walk out. She sleeps through ever since with the few exception that she has woken up and cried out but put herself back to sleep and its usually if she is unwell. Hope this gives you some ideas and if you live in QLD Australia let me know and I can give you the name of the sleep school


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Put her to bed earlier 8pm she should be asleep if she is an early riser. It may take few days to adjust, so don't give up to quickly and eliminate juice. Just give her water if she wants it that bad. If you are in the same room ignore her at 3 am and just console her with your voice. I think this will pass if you will be consistent for few nights. Does she take a nap? She might be overtired if she doesnt. I'm telling you early bed time is the key

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I am a co-sleeping mom and have found it to be absolutely wonderful and everyone gets plenty of sleep. Some time you need to look outside the "norm" to find answers to what is actually best for you child and not what society says should be "best". Also, not all children sleep through the night at this age. My 2 year old still wakes once at night for a snuggle which is all it takes to get him back to sleep. There is nothing wrong with comforting your child at night and letting them know you are there for them even then. Some kids just need the extra comfort and reassurance. Sleeping through the night (which is defined as 5 continuous hours btw not 8) is a developmental milestone that all children eventually reach in their own time. Give her the comfort and security she needs now and it will give her the "tools" she needs to put herself back to sleep if/when she wakes at night. A sippy cup of water next to her might help as well if she is waking up thirsty. My 5 yo DD gets a bottle of water to keep next to her just for that reason and my DH and I keep water next to the bed as well.

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