My daughter is breastfed how do I get her to eat soild foods?


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Minnie - posted on 11/13/2009




If you wait until she herself takes the initiative to pick up food and feed herself she'll be ready and more than willing to try. My second was ten months when this happened.

We just give her what everyone else is having when they're having it and she has unrestricted access to my breast night and day.

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You shouldn't have to force your baby to eat solid foods. Solids during the first year are simply to get them used to the texture of food. Their main source of nutrition should still be from breastmilk. So when you start solids you should still offer the breast first. Look for the sings of readiness:

-at least 6 months old

-sitting unsupported

-lost tongue thrust reflex

-can pick up things between thumb and finger

-no longer satisfied after nursing (not related to a growth spurt)

Here's a great article:

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