My daughter is exclusively breastfed but gaining weight slow.

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My daughter is 5 months old 27 inches and 13.5 pounds. She was born 21 inches and 9 pounds 4 oz. Her birth weight dropped to 7 pounds 14 oz. It took almost six weeks before she returned to her birth weight.

Since her birth she has gained weight very slowly.

At her two month check up she was only 4 oz over her birth weight. Her doctor wanted her to go on formula because she said she wasn't thriving on my breastmilk. I wasn't ready to give up breastfeeding so I visited a lactation specialist. Her latch improved. I also pump five minutes before putting her to the breast so she can get the hind milk. At her three month check up she was 10.5 pounds. The doctor said it was an improvement but wanted her to gain closer to 2 pounds instead of one. He recommended I start her on rice cereal to help fill her out.

I felt she was too young to start rice cereal and based on what I researched my breastmilk had more calories and fat content then rice cereal. I kept on doing what I have been doing. She had her doctor appointment a few days ago and she is now 13.5 pounds. So a 3 pound weight gain in two months.

The doctor is making me feel like Im a terrible mother because I refuse to give her rice cereal or any solids until she's atleast 6 months old. Has anyone been through this?


Sarah - posted on 12/02/2015




Have you had her checked for a lip or tongue tie? My son was having the same issues - he was just under his birth weight at his two week checkup and formula was pushed on me too. I did not give it to him and continued to breastfeed, but he was gaining weight slowly as well. I had a feeling he had an upper lip tie (when the frenulum, or little flap of skin under your top lip is very tight) but our pediatrician at the time (we have since switched) and the lactation consultant blew me off and said my son was just a lazy nurser and I should give him formula. I kept pursuing it and after seeing a different pediatrician, a pediatric ENT, and a pediatric dentist, they all confirmed that he did have an upper lip tie and a posterior tongue tie. The tongue tie was mild but his lip tie was significant and it was preventing him from being able to get a deep enough latch. We had it lasered and now he can breastfeed great and is gaining weight well! Might be worth getting it checked out. Most IBCLC's can usually diagnose them, but seeing a pediatric ENT or dentist wouldn't hurt either. Hope that helps!! If you do feel like you want or need to give her formula, there are some good organic brands out there (I like Baby's Only Organic Whey Formula) or you can make your own, which is what I did when we were needing to supplement my son. I have a recipe if you'd like it. You are NOT a terrible mother, you are doing an amazing job and you are being your daughter's advocate. Your mama intuition knows best. Waiting until 6 months to start her on any solids/cereal is totally fine! But if you did want to start her earlier, 5 months is ok as long as she is showing an interest in food (like watching you with interest as you eat) can hold her head up well, and has lost the reflex to push things out of her mouth with her tongue.

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