My daughter is refusing bottle from Daddy! Need advice!

Colleen - posted on 05/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )





I have an eight month old daughter, I have been nursing her and pumping so she can be given bottles while I am away at work. My husband has always been one of the main people to feed her a bottle and suddenly, she will not take it from him! She throws an absolute fit and usually ends up going to sleep! My husband was devastated, to the point of tears, the other night while I was at work because he is trying to help me and take care of things while I am away. He feels so frustrated and, I am sure, a bit rejected.

I was thinking that maybe she was just rejecting the bottle all together and just wanted me to nurse her. Not the case... we had a babysitter on Saturday evening, someone that is newer to our daughter, and she took her bottle just fine. The sitter didn't sit in the same chair as I do to feed her, but my husband has tried everything except hanging from the chandelier and she just won't take it from him no matter what.

Any advice on how to help strengthen this area of the father / daughter bond would be greatly appreciated!!!! I know that the stress he feels leading up to feeding her now isn't helping either... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


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Colleen - posted on 06/04/2012




Thank you for your reply Karen... my husband actually gave her about 2oz in a sippy cup the day that you replied to this message before I read it! He was bound and determined to get her to take the milk from him that day, thankfully he's pretty good at trying things until he finds one that works!

It's so strange, her reaction when he tries to feed her because it's something that all of the sudden just came out of nowhere! He loves playing with her and doing her night time rituals (bath, book, prayers, etc) with her, but as soon as he sits down to feed her, she cries.

I suppose it's just a phase and all we can do is keep trying!! In the meantime, I will just have to hurry home after work on Wednesday evenings! :)

Thanks again so much!!

Karen - posted on 05/30/2012




Maybe try her on a cup or sippy cup instead. My eldest wouldn't take a bottle ever (she was exclusively bf) and i had to go to a wedding when she was only 5months old. So instead he just gave it to her in a cup and she loved it.

My hubby always trys to do bathtime to strengthen his bond with our girls (7mhts & 2.5yrs), when he's home early enough.

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