My father in-law living with us and Breastfeeding-DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

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Back when I moved in with my now DH his dad was already living here because he needed someone to run his son back and fourth to school and help out around the house. Well we have had our DD since then and I do almost everything around here but he still takes him to school and cooks every now and then, but seriously it's not needed him being here. He is perverted and inappropriate and makes comments like "she had one baby on one titty and one baby on the other titty" when refering to when his aunt was breatfeeding his cousins. He makes comments referring to sexual things a lot thankfully I think he started realizing I'm not ok with it so it's died down somewhat. I'm Breastfeeding our DD and she is 10 weeks now and I feel like I'm cooped up in our room all day because he comes (from the garage where his room is) through our living room all the time to get tea, cross through to the front yard ect. I hate it. When my DH is home I can use my wrap but it's a pain having to cover up all the time. I also pump early in the morning and he's up then so I know he hears my pump and I just cringe at the thought that he knows this machine is pumping milk out of my breasts or when I have to boil my pumping equipment and he comes in and sees if in there ugh it's a horrible feeling. It should be something private between my DH and our children not his father and us. I want him out. He needs to quite being lazy fine a freaking job and stop living off of us!!! I want my space and I want my house to be my comfort place. I want to be able to breastfeed and mother my DD without worrying about him and his inappropriate ways. What do I do?! How do I voice this to my DH? It seems like it's never going to end :'(( help!!

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