My first encounter w/ baby was 15 hrs after emergency C-Section and we succeeded!

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Hello Moms,

I just wanted to share my story as I think it can help other moms who could deal with a similar situation someday. I spent the last few months planning for a VBAC with my second son who was due 1/2/11. I finally went into labor 1/8 at about 7:00 p.m. After 36 hrs of labor I had another emergency c-section. My baby was in severe respiratory distress and had to be taken to the NICU where I wasn't allowed to hold him for 15 hrs. The first time I saw him all I could do was talk to him. All I had wanted was to have a baby naturally and then nurse him right after birth and here I was laying in a hopital bed post surgery unable to hold my baby who was receiving sugar water down the hall. I was very worried that this would affect breastfeeding. The nurse recc I pump but I didn't want to b/c I had no idea when I would see the baby and I didn't want to pump right before I saw him. I ended up pumping once during the 15 hrs. After our first encounter 15 hrs post birth I nursed him every 3-4 hrs. After I finally held him and nursed him I snapped out of my funk and would pump after every nursing session to stimulate by body more. I wanted to make up for 15 hrs of nothing. He latched on well even after the wait which definitely made it a lot easier. After each nursing session the second day we would give him some of my expressed milk through a syringe. We wanted to keep his sugar levels up so they wouldn't increase the IV fluids. The third day I quit pumping as my nipples were getting sore. At the end of the day my milk came in so I didn't have to worry about him not getting enough. I was actually engorged the first 24 hrs, probably because of all the pumping. Anyway, my baby will be a week old tomorrow and we are home now. He was never fed a drop of formula. So don't let complications or turns for the worse ever stop you from breastfeeding. It definitely helped that I had a good sucker, I'm a second time mom and the hospital I delivered at did not push me to give the baby formula.


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Maria and Ania, I also had a similar situation. I had an emergency c-section and my baby girl had to spend some time in the NICU under lights due to jaundice. I wasn't allowed to nurse her so I pumped and bottle fed. After three days, they did let me try and she wasn't able to latch. We ended up having to use a nipple shield. After she hit about eight weeks and was still unable to latch without the shield, I called in a feeding and nutrition therapist. They came every week and eventually referred us to an ENT who told me my daughter has an exceptionally small jaw and was literally unable to open her mouth wide enough to latch. So we nursed with the shield and I pumped until 9 months (by then, her jaw had grown enough that she was physically capable of opening her mouth that wide but the habit of the shield was too strong) when she refused to do it anymore. I pumped for a few more weeks and then used formula for a month until she could take cow's milk. This process involved lots of tears and struggles and I was advised more than once to "just give up and give her formula" but I really believed in breast milk and *maybe* I'm a little stubborn :) Now my daughter is very healthy and happy!! Worth the work and I'd do it again!

Ania - posted on 01/22/2011




Maria I had a situation like was a nightmare. Because he wouldn't latch my milk didn't come in for 4 days!!!! i had to give him formula for the first few days of his life and then when my milk finally came he didn't know how to latch I tried and tried and cried so much, my husband thought I will go crazy and then i got a LC and she helped me to relax and he just latched, now he is almost a year old and we are still BF I'm just trying to wean him at night....because he wakes up every 2 hours on average and I just want him to sleep now....

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My baby had ABO incompatibility when she was born( my antibodies attacking her blood cells) and had to spend over a week in Special care nursery. I got to nurse her a few times in the first twenty four hours but then she got sleepy and couldn't nurse. The nurse whisked her away and they put her on formula with a tube down her nose and under lights and gave her imuno-globulin . In all the confusion I wasn't pumping and no one could tell us when she would be brought back. I started pumping and they would add it with the formula. I wasn't eating or sleeping right and I pumped almost nothing. I think i cried more than I pumped. Slowly I was able to pump enough over the week to replace the formula and when sleeping beauty awoke and was able to feed for two days in a row she got to go home. then it was another week of pumping and bottle feeding. Finally I got her to accept the breast, with a few more tears and two months of sore nipples, and we've been fine ever since. I am now a true believer that almost anything is possible. I was also very determined not to give up.


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well done to all of you mummies!!! you are true superstars and proof that perseverence and determination is the key to success. good for you!! i only had to wait 8hours before i could hold my son and luckily he latched on by himself straight away, these babies are very clever, they know what theyre doing, and us mums are pretty awesome too!!

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My little man was also born in respitory distress. he was three weeks preterm and under a lot of stress buring the delivery.

All through my pregnacy I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. I thought that I would "pop" him out and go straight to breastfeeding. That so didnt happen. He was in so much distress that I got to hold him for like two seconds and they took him away. I didnt get to see him for like 6 hours and for the fist two I had no idea what was going on. Then they told me that he ws under distress and the hospital we were at did not have the equitment that he needed. He was tranferd to a diffrent hospital. I was so sad. I was stuck at the hospital for the night but as soon as they released me I left to be at my little mans side. Well i was still at the hospital they told me to start pumping every two hours. I did a little bit.and was producing some right a way which supprised me and the nuses. just befor i got the the other hospital they called me and asked if they could give him formula. I flat out told them that i didnt want him to get formula and that i was going to be there tomorrow. they said that that is when they were going to start him on it and that they would wait till i got there with my milk.

When I got to the other hospital where he was in the NICU I was still unable to hold him or feed him. he was getting my milk through a feeding tube. i was not able to hold him for 3 days and I was not able to actually breastfeed him for 4 days. That first time was amazing. He latched just fine and we had no problems what so ever. he stayed in the hospital for 10 days for a respitory infectition.

He is doing so well and he is now 7 1/2 months old and we are still going strong. I really didnt think that i was going to breastfeed for this long. my goal was 6 months and here we are. He wont even touch formula. we tryed it once. bad idea.

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Well done you wonderful women, it's inspirational to hear of mothers who overcome obstacles and feed their babies :)

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I had a c-section myself but I was able to see her shortly after because it wasn't an emergency c-section or anything. I worked at getting her to latch on and she wouldn't. I had a LC come in the room while in the hospital. She worked with me some than had to go take care of something else so I was kind of left hanging. I pumped while in the hospital and had to give some formula. After going home I kept on trying to nurse her and was determined for it to work. I planned on pumping till she was at least 6 months. She ended up latching on around 2 months and has nursed really well since. She is 8 months old now and nursing really well. I am so happy it worked out for me. I would get depressed when I would have to go pump so she could be fed from the bottle. I am so thankful for being able to have this special bond with her.

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I had to wait 48hrs to see my son after he was born in an emergency c'section, he was fine but i was in ICU for 48hrs. I did manage to pump while onMorphine, i don't remember much except they said wow! I got to see my son after and i breast fed right away when i saw him and had no problems, he was strictly breast fed and after 14 months of BF i finally stopped. He and myself are doing great now!
Glad to hear that everything went good for you and your little one!!

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I have a question didnt happen to me but to a friend who just had her baby and i wanted to know just in case it ever happened to me. when her baby was born he wouldnt latch for nothing and the little times he would he would just fall asleep now i dont kno if she just gave up to quickly or what but are there any moms out there who experienced difficulty or a baby that wouldnt latch what did you and how did it work out??

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The hardest part was having to leave her at the hospital every day for a week. I have a lot of sympathy for moms with preemies who have to wait weeks to get their babies home.

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Oh Julie that must have been so hard. It had to take a ton of perseverance on your part to make it work. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

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