My five and a half month baby suckles only for about 7-8 minutes from one breast and not sleepn well

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He used to through up once he was 1-2 months old because of which as a natural instinct I started feeding him small regular feeds (every 1.5 hour at max). He is not putting on as much weight though he has more than doubled his birth weight now. I heard someone say that you should let the child feed on one breast for atleast 15 minutes. also, he is not yet sleeping through the night and wakes up crying every 2 hours after a first spell of 3 hours maybe drinks a little and then goes back to sleep. is the feeding duration affecting his growth and sleep? please help.


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I wouldn't worry about the time you spend nursing. As your baby gets older, they also get more efficient and can empty a breast more quickly. Growth spurts happen around now too. They also seem to go through a phase when they start to realize when they are alone or can't see you, and have to work through that.

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babies this young are supposed to wake up at night to eat. That is completely normal.

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if this is a new thing then i suggest making sure he's not congested, which a simple over the counter saline spray can fix.

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My 8 months old is the same way with waking to feed at night. Most nights I'm lucky to get him down for more that 2.5 hours at a time! Its hard and frustrating. I dont think it has anything to do with the duration of feedings, so much as that breastmilk is easier for babies to digest so they get hungry sooner. My son eats solids, 3 meals and 2 snack times a day, and still nurses a minimum of 6 times during the day, and 4-6 times at night! If you are really concerned talk to your peditrician, but unfortunately I think its normal breastfed baby behavior! Hang in there!

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Well my daughter didn't sleep through the night until about 18 months old. She was eating plenty during the day and gaining weight well. A breastfed baby is expected to get 25% of their nutrition at night for the first year (or so depending on solid intake after a year). I would let him nurse on the first side as long as he wants. You don't need to watch the clock. If he pulls off and your breast feels pretty empty (you can't easily squeeze more milk out) then offer him the second breast. When you feed again start with the side you left off from (the second side). If you can easily squeeze milk out offer him the first breast again to make sure he gets plenty of the fatty hindmilk. Then if he wants more offer the second side. Feed on demand, even at night. Most doctors won't even recommend not offering the breast at night until after 6 months, but like I said, I fed my daughter at night until about 18 months.

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