my gassy two month old was advised to start using special formula and now i think she's constipated! please help!

Tabitha - posted on 10/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 month old has been very gassy ever since she was born but it has gotten increasingly worse over the past month. i have always exclusively breast fed and have cut out anything that would cause her gas from my diet (dairy, eggs, broccoli, caffeine, etc) yet she still has a lot of painful gas plus acid reflux. her doctor has not been very helpful and actually advised me to put her on formula and gave me one that is supposed to ease gas and fussiness (enfamil gentlease). i thought this advice was ridiculous but i tried it anyway because she is the professonal. for the past few days i have given her a bottle of the formula at night only because her gas is always worse in the evening and sometimes takes her hours to go to sleep. it actually seemed to have helped but now i fear that she is constipated and today had the worst crying fit I've seen yet. her belly was so hard and her abdomen as well as the outside of her vagina actually started turning purplish from the pressure until she passed some gas. i am very concerned and wondering if i should stop giving her formula or just keep at it? last night i actually didn't give her the formula and she had really bad gas in the middle of the night. idk what to do anymore I'm so worried for her and can't stand to see her in pain. any suggestions?


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i would stop giving her the formula. i think your right in believing your doctors advice is ridiculous. thrust your instincts. breastmilk is always better than formula for gas and everything else no matter what brand it is. have you tried cutting out cows milk from your diet?, i heard that can cause colic. when my baby had wind i gave her infacol before every feed and this really helped. the active ingredient is simeticone, its natural so it doesnt do any harm. ask your pharmacist do they have any simeticone based products for wind. ive heard that cooled boiled water helps as well and it helps with constipation, best of luck


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Lori - posted on 10/05/2012




I agree. Stop with the formula. I'd pursue your diet further.

You said you cut out dairy. Did you cut out ALL dairy, or just the obvious sources. It can take several weeks for all the dairy proteins to leave your system, so you have to be completely dairy free for several weeks to know if it really is the problem. And dairy is hidden in so many foods. Obvious ones are milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt. But less obvious are ones like granola bars, cookies, most chocolate, many many breads, muffins, and most prepared frozen meals have some form of dairy. I've also found dairy in breakfast sausage, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, some french fries.

If you find that dairy isn't the problem, it could still be something like soy, or gluten, or possibly something else. Dairy is the MOST common foods for babies to be allergic or intolerant of.

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