My lo is 3 1/2 months old and wakes about 2 times a night to feed. He is about 14lbs now and I want to know if anyone else has/is experiencing this?

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Jessica - posted on 10/02/2012




Yes my son is the same age and he wakes every night at least 2-3 times. I think it is totally normal for breastfed babies to do that. My 1st baby didn't sleep through the night until age 7 mos. The good news is, it goes by fast believe it or not! And the morning he does sleep through the night you will wake up in a panic, like something happened to him!

Cris - posted on 10/02/2012




Thank you so much ladies-I appreciate the feedback, advice and a peek into the future for me and my LO. I love breastfeeding him-it is a joy. I'm so glad that my husband and I chose this method to feed our LO-he is our first child.

Janice - posted on 10/02/2012




That sound pretty normal to me. Few babies sleep through the night before 4-6 months. My daughter woke a ton (had colic till 13weeks) and in the end we chose to sleep train at 10 months. My son is a better sleeper and transitioned to only waking 1x a night around 4 months old. He still wakes 1x a night and he is 10 months now. But both were up more than once a night at your LO's age.

Celeste - posted on 10/02/2012




Yes, my twin boys woke up several times a night at that age. It's pretty normal. Only waking up 2x's a night is pretty good for a 3 month old!

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