My LO is 7 months now. I started my periods back up when he was about 3 1/2 months when I went down to breastfeeding 3 times a day instead of 5. I have had 3 cycles total. Currently I am 2 days late and I'm wondering if it's possible to stop having my period again? Our feeding schedual has not changed. Thank you!


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Nicole - posted on 01/18/2013




Thank you! I started spotting that night and yesterday I started my period. I am usually very heavy for three days and light for two. This time I was heavy for less than a day and still on it.

Lori - posted on 01/17/2013




Possible.. sure! But if you were regular before your baby was born, and you've been regular for 3 months, and your feeding schedule hasn't changed.... I'd recommend a home pregnancy test.

Pregnancy and nursing does things to your hormone cycle though, and even with someone who is "regular" you may not be regular again during breastfeeding. So I'd say it's as good a chance of you being pregnant as not.... but that's just an opinion.... not statistics.

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