My milk is PINK!!!

Heather - posted on 12/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I just finished pumping tonight and noticed that my milk was pink. The research I have done on this says that it is most likely caused by blood from cracked nipples during the postpartum period, however my son is 7 1/2 month old. He is teething and he bit me this morning - could that be causing the pink milk? Is it still safe to feed him and do I need to do anything about it, I don't really see any damage to the nipple but I am concerned that maybe there is some internal damage or something. It freaked me out a little bit tonight, has that ever happened to anyone else? Did you keep the milk or pitch it?


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April - posted on 12/10/2009




talk to a lactation consultant about it just in case it is NOT blood that's in your milk. i was watching a show called Mystery Diagnosis and the mother kept having bottle after bottle of expressed pink milk. it turned out that she had a medical problem that was causing it.

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Blood in milk won't harm your baby. A damaged capillary along one of your ducts can cause some bleeding. More than likely you're perfectly fine, but of course you can see an IBCLC or a LLL leader.

This is from LLLI:

"Food dyes used in carbonated sodas, fruit drinks, and gelatin desserts have been associated with milk that is pink or pinkish orange. Greenish milk has been linked to consuming green- colored sports beverages, seaweed, or large amounts of green vegetables. One woman consuming a certain prescription medication reported black milk. Frozen milk may look yellowish.

"Pinkish milk may indicate blood in the milk. This could occur with or without cracked nipples. If cracked nipples are the cause of blood in the milk, a mother can contact a La Leche League Leader for suggestions on healing sore nipples. Blood in milk is not harmful to babies, and breastfeeding can continue. If blood in the milk does not cease by two weeks postpartum, the mother may wish to consult with her health care provider."

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I had this at about 3 months. I was weaning off the shield and we had a bad latch causing damage. I threw it out because it grossed me out, but it won't harm your baby. If you give it to him just don't forget in case he spits a little up and you notice the color. Check the nipple out really close, my crack was super tiny but apparently enough to bleed. I used the lanolin cream a few times and rubbed expressed breastmilk on it then let it dry. It healed right away. I could tell that it was on the outside because when I squeezed, the milk that came out was white and a tiny spot of blood came out where I had a crack.

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