My milk supply is all but gone.. Please can anyone help on how to boost it?

Keri - posted on 07/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have gone from producing 16-8 oz at a time to maybe 2-3. I am on milk thistle tablets (3 daily) drink more than the required water intake, eat fresh veg & regular meals.
I do know that due to having a demanding 2 & half year old & visitors I have missed more opportunities to pump. You know the tingling sensation that kinda lets you know it's time. Has all but gone. My baby is 3 months, this is my last time having children so I want to nurture this baby with breastfeeding as long as I can. As I know I will never get this time back & want her to get as much of the nutrients she can.
Has anyone got any advise for me?? I would really appreciate it.
Thanks K


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Lori - posted on 07/11/2012




I agree with Celeste. If you're nursing and pumping... no need to worry. Around 3 months old most breastfeeding moms begin to worry about their supply. It's usually because you are no longer feeling engorged, and your supply is regulating itself. If you're exclusively pumping let us know so we can offer more help.

Celeste - posted on 07/11/2012




Hi Keri! Are you putting baby to breast at all? Or are you exclusively pumping?

First of all, you were pumping crazy high amounts! Average output is 1/2 to 2 oz from BOTH breasts. So, it sounds like your supply is regulating, which is totally normal. Second of all, never judge supply based on a decrease in pump output. That tingling sensation that you were experiencing sounds like letdown to me.

If you're putting baby to breast, watch diapers. If your baby is getting 6-8 diapers (no matter content), then your supply is fine. Never judge supply on pump output, feel of breasts or baby behavior.

So, from what you posted, there's nothing that says that you're drying up.

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