My newborn has gerd! help!

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I took my 23 day old daughter to the doctors three days ago. They said she has gerd and gave her a perscription for ranitidine. She has been taking it for three days now and nothing seems to be getting better. She is still arching her back after feedings and is very uncomfortable. I am keeping her sitting at a 45 degree angle and she is still spitting up constantly. Please help!! It is breaking my heart. I have no way to get her back to the doctors for two days... how can I make her more comfortable?


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We had this problem with my son, and it does get better! Hang in there. We're just getting ready to finish up with the Zantac (he's 6+ mos), and it really made a difference. It did take a little while to start working because his little esophagus was so irritated, so try to give it some time.

I also did many of the things previous posters have mentioned: elevating the head of the crib, keeping him upright for abt 20 minutes after feedings, etc. I also went completely off dairy and that helped a LOT. Good luck!

Clare - posted on 09/06/2009




Mine jsut got off Pepcid she is 11 months. I would suggest asking to switch tio baby liquid pepcid it was the only thing that worked. Try to keep nursing regularly and in small doses or you can pump and feed. I had to do that and used Dr. Browns BPA free bottles they really helped the relflux also keeping her upright for 30 minutes after each feeding still doing that shestill spits up a bit. She really had it bad. Definitely burp every ounce. They say they should sleep at an angle so you could raise one side of the mattress about 6 inches but not if baby is rolling over and stuff.

Mine would scream in the middle of the night because it burns them and tshe would writhe in pain. Eventually at month 3 i did stop the breast milk and switched to formula. I do not suggest this unless it is a LAST RESORT TEST. keep pumping and save the milk incase the formula doesn;t help. Mine got alot better on formual but you really want as much breast as possible.

Good luck and your not alone mum


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Lacey - posted on 10/28/2013




These posts helped me figure out my little guy has reflux. I had some puzzle pieces, but my little bguy hardly spits up and has gained alot if weight.
He's 5.5 weeks old... and since he was born he wanted to nurse non-stop at night.
I mean constant latch 2+ hours (normally 3)- and he would scream hysterically if I stopped! At first I thought he was cluster feeding but it just got worse & worse.
The pediatrician said he had colic and his tummy was soooo distended with gas & slightly constipated... She told me to wait at least one hour before feeding. That and stretches & hes burping & bm's are moving. But the screaming was worse- not hunger cries but arching back & hes only comfortable sitting up. Im nursing him straight up & holding him upright 30 min after eating & sleeping upright.
They put him on meds a couple days ago
(Using gripe water & ovol - helps with gas & bm). And Ive stopped dairy. Anybody hada baby with an egg allergy?
I feel horrible. I feel like Im beng mean to feed him & not !!!!
I try everything I can to be calm, singing, walking, holding, slings,
And its helping but it still doesnt feel good enough. Its hard on my confidence as a mother. And down right exhausting.
Any encouragement most welcome or additional tips
Also what about the chiropractor? I have a lot of confidence in them, my husband not. Im thinking of taking him on the sly.... if it would help.

Rebecca - posted on 09/06/2009




Hi Bobby Jo

I am going through exactically what you are. My baby is now 4 months and it has just become part of her now..She has had it since birth. She was on Ranitidine at 2 weeks old but as like you mentioned it never helped so I decided to take her off of the medication. What I was told to do was to burp often, shorter but more often meals, keep her elevated while sleeping, and keep elevated after meals (either by holding her, in her car seat or bouncy seat) I found that even after all of that nothing was helping she was still throwing up pretty much all of what she ate. (she is EBF) After about a month of doing this I actually found that she didnt throw up as much if I held her in the cross cradle hold after feeds, I stopped burping her because if I burped her she really threw up everything!! (breastfed babies dont take in as much air so they dont always necessarily need to be burped) I cant put her in her car seat or bouncy seat to sit she needs to be flat or it squishes her tummy and she throws up even more. I find if I just lay her on the couch next to me ( so I dont have to move her too much) I just put a recieving blanket under her head to catch any throw up but I find letting her lay there for a while she dosnt throw up as much either. I do however have her elevated in her crib, I use a wedge under her mattress. As for the shorter more frequent feeds, I just let her feed as much as she wants as I have no idea how much she is taking in at every feed as she is breastfed, so I just go with the flow. At the begining I had a really emotional time trying to deal with this issue as she was only gaining 1-2oz a week when she should have been gaining 5-8oz. She really was underweight. But I just stuck with it, and now the last 3 weeks she has been gaining great (1lb in 3 weeks!) It is just so hard to see your little baby in so much pain when they have the "attacks" I am giving my lo gripe water on a daily basis to try to ease the acid in her throat, sometimes it helps sometimes not. If she is having a really bad day I give her Maalox (1ml once a day) but only when she is really having a hard time and in alot of pain, throwing up alot. That seems to be what really makes a difference. Just hang in there I know what its like with all the laundry between you and her as well. Just make sure you have alot of changes of clothes and recieving blankets. It sounds like you are doing everything you can, unfortunately some babies just have it. You can ask your Dr about uping her dosage of Ranitidine or you can ask for another medication. Omperizole seems to work really good on most babies. Here is a really great site for products and information on GERD/reflux

Take care!!!

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Keep nursing (for goodness sake, fake baby milk is certainly NOT going to make this better), but maybe try to have lots of little nursing sessions so that she does not get very full. You will feel as if you are nursing ALL the time, but holding her and nursing off and on will comfort her. Try wearing her in a baby sling or Moby-type wrap while you move around the house. I never really got the hang of nursing with baby in the sling, but I carried babies in the Moby or sling constantly. If you have to put her down, try to find a baby-papasan; this puts baby in upright position while still cuddling (rather than a bouncy chair or the tummy-squishing carseat.) Watch what you are eating; cut out milk products and any weird (spicy, ethnic, gassy) foods. With one of my babies, my diet seemed to make no difference, and another would go into inconsolable arching if I had a sniff of milk product. Feed constantly if she wants. . .you can not overfeed a breastfed baby (and she really won't be getting milk the entire time). Constant feeding also makes sure that she is getting the tummy-soothing "hind milk" rather than just the watery first milk. Call the hospital nursing consultant for further recommendations.

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