My nipples are still very sore 4 1/2 weeks in.

Laura - posted on 07/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My LO is getting Breast Milk only & getting it 98% of the time through breastfeeding, 2% through a bottle when running an errand. Pumping does not hurt me, sometimes when I am tender I feel a little discomfort but nothing like when my little one latches. She has a very strong latch and sucking power! I did go to a breastfeeding class. They all said her latch looks good and they pulled my boob back and looked closely. I do however have pretty flat nipples unless I am cold. I do have the nipple shells that seemed to help. Picked them up last week after the bf class at the recommendation of the lactation consultant. Now that I am feeling super sore again I realize that maybe it was starting to hurt less. Once the baby is latched on and going there typically is little to no discomfort at all. It's the latch I dread! *side note* i did have a boob lift and implant. They did remove my nipple. I do think the scar tissue causes me more pain but it does not cause any problems with supply or the amount of milk my baby gets. LO has plenty of poopy diapers and pee ones also! 

I gave up breastfeeding with my son at 2 weeks and this was prior to boob surgery of any kind and I quit because of the pain of the latch. My son would latch on and off so many times I would be in tears. So I do feel this is going better. This LO has a better latch as well as mommy is more determined then ever to be successful because I have read how amazing it is to breastfeed once you get past 4-6 weeks. So I am asking for you to share your story with me about how long it took you & your LO to enjoy breastfeeding and for the pain to subside. And any tips you have or words of encouragement. I read posts while I am nursing all over the Internet for motivation. I hate how the LLC says it should not hurt on their website but in reality everyone/everything says it does hurt in the beginning. It's discouraging to read that because some of us just have sensitive skin! Thanks in advance for your story. I know it will help me get through this hard time.


Lori - posted on 07/29/2014




There are a couple things you may want to look into. Breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples can create it's own challenges. Here's a few resources to look into.

For me - I was very sore with my first starting at day 2. I would almost cry every time it was time to feed the baby because I was so sore. But, the latch was good and she was eating and peeing and pooping. It took several weeks before I was "comfortable" again. Using lansinoh ointment helped some (any all purpose nipple ointment will work). Also, try rubbing some of your own milk onto your nipples and letting it dry there. That can help. Try to let your nipples "air out" or "air dry" when ever possible.

And congratulations on your newest LO!

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