my right side breast is bigger than my left side after breastfeeding

Marian - posted on 10/21/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I started pumping a couple of days after labour S my baby made my nipples so sore and it almost bleed, now I am breastfeeding again as I feel I am not pumping enough milk for him, it' my breast won't produce milk unless he is sucking it. Now my right side is larger than my left side???!!!! I don't know why?? What can I do about it?? Will they even out after I stop breastfeeding.


Lori - posted on 10/21/2014




I found myself lopsided depending on which side baby had nursed on last. Some women find they make more from one side or the other. Sometimes it's due to side preference… whichever side gets nursed off of more frequently will produce more. Other times even with equal nursing time one side will just produce more than the other. The suggestions Sarah gave you are great.

And while some moms have great luck pumping enough for baby, other moms find the pump to be ineffective even though baby can nurse and get enough if latched on.

I wouldn't worry too much about one side being bigger than the other right now. It's a product of breastfeeding, and yes, when you do eventually wean they will most likely go back to pre-nursing size.


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Brenda - posted on 04/12/2016




Even out your breast size in the early stages of feeding is not difficult. To do this, you just need to feed more often with your smaller breast. As soon as the baby starts to act up, you must go to a larger breast but after non-durable feeding to move back to the less one. It turns out that at the time of feeding it is necessary to change the sequence of the mammary glands. The smaller breast must be linked with all short feedings, but not before bedtime. But if large breasts bursts, and mom feels that it is full, it is necessary, of course, to empty it. Once you have finished feeding, with the help of special exercises you can make breasts more elastic.
In addition, a very useful contrast shower and sauna, if it is permitted by your doctor. The mobile lifestyle, massage and swimming are welcome.

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