my son doesnt poop

Anna Lena - posted on 09/15/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




ok first of sorry for my english (i am from germany and deffenetly not perfet) :D I hope you understand though

Well my a little over 1 month old son just dont wanna poop, it seems like he is pushing at times but nothing comes out on his own, We have tried it 3 times with pruin juice now and the next day he pooped but i cant do that all the time now i belive!

I mean he isnt pooping for more than a week. He does fart a lot and his farts stink, Is that normal? I hear that its normal for breatsfeeding babys but really is it normal for over a week and then poops ones and then again over a weeks sometimes 14 days?


Sarah - posted on 09/15/2009




It is normal for babies who are breastfed to only have a poop once every 7-14 days. Juice IS NOT recommended at this young an age, their poor digestive systems are too immature to handle it and it can cause digestive problems.


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Catherine - posted on 09/17/2009




Try massaging his tummy downwards n then clockwise few times after bath. It helps for my kids.

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I went through this with my son at about 2 months old and my pediatrician told me to try pear juice, she was right it worked, so I don't know, just following advice from a pediatrician!

Minnie - posted on 09/15/2009




Yes, agree with the previous twp posters- no juice for baby. An infant that young has a very immature gut that can be damaged by something other than human milk.

What you are noticing is normal for a breastfed infant. Your milk is so supremely digestable that there isn't much waste. It's fine for a breastfed infant to go even two weeks without a bowel movement.

Don't worry. Babies push, grunt, make faces, turn red, have stinky farts at times- but doesn't mean he's constipated. I mean, when he went, it wasn't solid little pellets was it? If it wasn't, he's not constipated.

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I agree with Sarah, a month old baby is far too young for juice. I would wait until he's 6 months old before introducing juice, water or solid food. And it is normal for a baby not to poop every day or even once a week; my doctor told me a breastfed baby can go 14 days without pooping, and you don't need to do anything about it. Not pooping all the time just means the baby digests his mother's milk so well there's nothing left to poop!

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You can give it to him 1 time a day or 2 times a day - start off with once. Don't dilute it, he will be fine, that will hopefully make him go faster! Good luck!

Anna Lena - posted on 09/15/2009




and how often can i give him that juice? Do i still mix it with water? I am scared on giving him pruin juice all the time because i have heard it isnt to good.

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it is normal not to see poop but once a week or so for breastfed babies. Instead of prune juice try PEAR juice, it is a lot less harsh for the babies, my son who is now 3 went through the same thing and the pear juice helped him a lot!

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