My son is 5 weeks old, had a bad case of thrush 3 weeks ago and is now having trouble nusring now. and is not gaining weight as well as he should. I am having to retrain him to nurse correctly. Help?


Heather - posted on 06/01/2011




Hang in there, i know how frustrating and exausting this can be. Here are a few questions...are you staying away from bottles? Staying relaxed and consistant? IS he having wet diapers often? Remember he may not be in a growth spurt right now so he may not be gaining as quickly as before or eating as often as before. Typically babies go thru growth spurts at 3/6/3/6 (3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 mo, 6 mo). Every baby is different adn this is definately not fool proof but if he came off his 3 week growth spurt and is about to start his 6 week growth spurt then maybe it feels like he is not nursing enough. I was very yeasty and my babies got thrush often and we passed it back and forth often for the whole time i was nursing (31 mo on #1 and 48 mo for #2). You may want to add acidopholis to your diet (sorry bout spelling). and just keep that kid at the boob as much as possible. DO as much skin to skin contact as possible and be patient with yourself and your baby. It will get better.

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