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Hi, I am a full time (and first time) mom.. my 9 month old goes to work with me 5 days a week (i'm a nanny to 1 yr old triplets)...
In may, my contract ends as a nanny and i've decided i'd like to take on a different job starting in june. My son will be 1 yrs old march 30. I still want to nurse him but won't be able to nurse him during the day once i start my new job.
Starting in May, I was thinking about starting a bit of partial weaning so maybe i could nurse him before work, when i get home, and then at bed time... how would i go about this?


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Lise - posted on 01/07/2011




Can I ask why you need to wean during the day? Will you be apart or will he be with you? I only ask because during the week, my daughter drinks water (14 mo old) and no milk, but Friday-Sunday I'm with her and she nurses whenever she wants. It was an easy transition to water at daycare.

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Just make sure that you drop feedings slowly. The feedings during the day are usually the first to go (and the easiest most of the time). Pick the feeding he's least interested. My daughter would only nurse for a few minutes during some feedings so those went first. After 5-7 days drop another feeding until you're down to the three you want. I would wait until after a year to start so you don't have to supplement. Two months should be plenty of time to wean the daytime feedings slowly. Good luck!

Rachael - posted on 01/06/2011




by that point he may be eating enough solids that he will only need to nurse a few times a day and you can send him to daycare with a cup of cows milk. If you are worried about your supply diminishing (mine did not even when I went down to only once a day) then you can pump while at work. Good luck!

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