need advise with breastfeeding/weaning/decreasing supply

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My son is turning 9 months old tomorrow and over the last 6 weeks has been fighting me to nurse. He will latch on and suck for a minute and then yanks off the breast to look around and play. He will continue this process for another 5-10 minutes and then will scream and thrust back if I try to re latch him. He seems to be self weaning and it is breaking my heart. I have tried everything to encourage him to nurse and nothing seems to be working. Now my right breast is not producing. It has always been my lower production side but now I don't think it's even producing. My son will rarely even latch on that side and gets very frustrated by it. I have been trying to pump it and am getting out less than 5mL :( My left breast seems to still be producing but have not been feeling as full. I want to continue to breastfeed but know that I can not force him to.
To top things off I started having bleeding issues recently and my ob/gyn put me on full strength birth control.
I don't know if this is also contributing to my problems.

This is my first child and my first experience breastfeeding and I had high hopes to nurse until he was at least a year old. So I am at a loss on what to do...

Please help


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So sorry you're having problems :( Please keep in mind that pump output isn't an indicator of supply and it's normal for pump output to decrease over time.

Sounds like it's a nursing strike. This behavior is so common at this age!
Some links to help you get through this:

A few things:
-Tell me about solids. Nursing before or after solids?
-Nursing on cue or on demand?
-What birth control did your doctor put you on? Estrogen birth control can definitely dry you up.

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