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My son is now 6 weeks old and I have been exclusively bf thus far. He was diagnosed with severe reflux and a possible milk protein allergy based on his symptoms of vomiting, obvious signs of pain and overall colic symptoms. The pediatrician started him on Zantac and has me on a dairy/soy/wheat free diet to see if there is an improvement. First of all...alomost EVERYTHING has some sort of dairy/wheat in it and finding foods to eat has been so hard!!!! I am feeling very overwhelmed and at times think about not bf anymore. I have been on this diet for about 3 days now and have noticed NO improvement. My first son was very colicky and started on Nutramigen formula at 3 weeks. I want so bad to make breastfeeding work this time but I feel as if it is my fault he is so uncomfortable. Any suggestions??? Diet help??


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Unfortunately it can take several weeks for all that stuff to leave your system. So no improvement over 3 days doesn't yet rule it out. You're right... almost EVERYTHING has one of those ingredients in it.

And if it really is allergies... your son will do soooo much better on breast milk than on any formula. Think... most formulas are made from cows milk. Some are made of soy. (the Nutramigen formula contains soy I believe). And yes, there are a few "allergenic" formulas made for babies who are allergic to both dairy and soy.... but they're very very expensive, and don't have everything your baby needs to grow and thrive the way your breast milk does. Keep that in mind as you're finding new ways to cook.

My daughter has a dairy protein allergy. Her doctor also started her on Zantac, but after eliminating all dairy I was able to take her off the Zantac.

If you're lucky enough to live near a big city you might find Whole Foods, or a Raisin Rack. They offer full aisles of gluten free / dairy free / and soy free foods. But mostly what it comes down to is that you'll do much better cooking your own foods at home rather than purchasing "convenience foods".

Quinoa is a great grain that is Gluten Free (wheat free). You can find it as a grain (cooks in about 10 minutes), and you can find pasta made out of it rather than made out of wheat.

I've found I enjoy rice milk on my cereal in the morning, but if I'm wanting a glass of milk I'd prefer almond or coconut milk. All three of those milks should be available in or near the "dairy" section of your grocery store. My local store has a "health food section" where I can find it.

"Amy's" makes frozen and canned foods. Many are gluten free and dairy free and are clearly labeled on the front of the package. I even found a frozen "mac and cheese" that is gluten free dairy free. (I don't know if it's also soy free though).

When craving ice cream I've also found the brand "SO delicious". They make it out of either almond milk or coconut milk. Very good as far as I'm concerned.

Do google searches for gluten free/dairy free/ soy free recipes. I've found some very good suggestions and ideas. For example I found a site that said when cooking and using a substitute milk.... use almond or coconut rather than rice milk. Rice milk has very very little protein so it doesn't hold up to cooking the way the others do.

And don't give up. It's not your fault he is so uncomfortable. I know if feels that way. I also have had moments of thinking that it's my milk making my daughter sick. But really it's the other stuff I was eating making her sick.. not my milk itself.

And hopefully you do get good results with the elimination diet... but there are other things he could potentially be allergic to. Dairy, Soy, and Wheat are the most common. And also maybe he's not allergic to all 3. Once you get the allergens out of your and his system you can reintroduce one of those at a time to find out which one or which ones really are the problem.


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It takes at least two weeks for your body to remove all the traces of diary from your body, so it is normal Don't feel bad, you are a brave woman for trying all these methods. The most common allergy is diary protein so I don't understand why teh dr did not eliminate this one alone first. I would try with eliminating diary only and see. And you are right it is super hard to find foods without diary, and as I said it will take 2 weeks. check out for more information on that, this website will have great suggestions. I really feel for you! For reflux...put the babies head higher, but you probably already know that. Good luck

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