Need help with sleeping habits and breastfeeding..

Casey - posted on 06/18/2012 ( 14 moms have responded )




Ok, so I am the mom I never wanted to be!!! We are STILL sleeping on the son is 10 weeks. Embarrrassssing I know. LoL. He has this thing he sleeps in called a rock'n'sleep, he loves sleeping at a incline. I am trying to get back in my bed...advice on any solutions for getting him to sleep in a portacrib in my room? I do not trust yet putting him alone in his room...Am I being to protective?? I am SO nervous something will happen, I think that is why we are still on the couch. This rock'n'sleep thing is eye level on the couch, I can hear every move/sound he makes and I am breastfeeding so when he wakes up I just grab him and am comfy on the couch. But on that note...about 3am he will wake up and I end up falling asleep with him and hold him. This is so bad right???? Am I spoiling him by holding him so much? ALSO...during naps during the day he wants to be held or in his swing, he won't sleep in the rock'n'sleep or the packnplay. I feel like I am messing him up and (1) never going to get back in my bed and (2) like he will never sleep in his crib. He loves sleeping on a incline and I do not know of a solution for that in the crib or packnplay. Also I know it is safer for them to sleep at the incline. I just don't know what to do here. I don't know if holding him is spoiling him and he is going to want to be held foreverrr...I don't want to do the cry it out thing, he is waay to young for that I think, Any advice welcome....and is really appreciated!! Last question. I am trying to start storing my breastmilk. When I pump I am only getting about 1-2 oz per breast each time. Any ideas on how I can up my supply? I tried the fenugreen supplement and it did not work for me. I am feeding my son about every hr and half. My dr said feed him on demand so the day is kinda sparatic...normally at least by the hour and half mark he is eating. Night time is a little different he is starting to go three full hours of sleeping and then will wake up and get back on the hour and half routine. Is THIS normal?? He's a bigger baby. He is 16 lbs. Dr said hes perfect just a bigger baby who will requre more feedings. Sorry for sooo many questions. I got a lot on my mind apparently. Thanks for any advice!!!


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Michelle - posted on 07/01/2012




I don't have enough time to read the whole thing, but I only recently stopped bed sharing and night feeds with my 2 year old, so 10 weeks isnt that embarrassing. (mind you I would have liked to finish earlier but it didnt feel right.) Keep your head up, and good luck :D

Fawzia - posted on 07/01/2012




Hello Casey,
With all my children they didn't like the crib and they slept with us and you know they are with you ....but make sure put Dad on the side and you in the middle and they don't roll on baby...

Make babies bedding safe and secured beside you and the other hand always have your "USED BRA" my mothers trick cause baby can smell you always worked..

Warm your breast with a "Very Hot Towel"keep doing that and you will see the it work so fast and also and drink a cup of milk before you feed baby...

Breast Painful "A HOT TOWEL " does the trick just keep doing that till the pain goes away ..
Always put Vaseline on your breast to keep it moist and wash every time you feed baby

Well if you have baby waking up at 3 a.m in the other room remember this that babies can sence things in the room and that is dead time sorry ...I hope this is helpful..

Hella - posted on 06/26/2012




You are doing fine. I don't see any issue about the breast feeding. You can feed him on demand. That's what I did with both my child, and they are thriving. I had a big baby too, 10.2, and yes I had to feed him sometimes every hour. You don't need to pump your milk. Pump never can get as much milk as the baby, so don't worry, until he gaining weight. Can you get a bassinet next to your bed? Or a co sleeper? I had a bassinet for my babies next to my bed and when they were about 3 month old I transfer them to a crib, but even the crib stayed in my room, just not exactly next to my bed. Relax you can't spoil a baby under age 1.Do whatever feels right. You are right about not letting baby cry out, it is unnatural, and unsafe. Enjoy him, and you will figure it out what next. Can you put the incline next to your bed? I assume it would be more comfortable for both of you. ? With first baby every thing is tiring, so just relax, sleep with him. :))

Terra - posted on 06/26/2012




There is absolutely nothing at all embarrassing or wrong with co-sleeping. When done properly it's safe, easy and the most perfectly natural place for your baby to be. I would look into either getting an arm's reach co-sleeper or sidecaring the crib next to your bed. I too spend the first several month of my 1st child's life sleeping on the couch as she didn't want to sleep anywhere but in my arms. I didn't know what to do and I didn't have anyone around to tell me it was okay to let her sleep with me and how to do it safely. Then I learned about safe co-sleeping and the co-sleeper and my life changed forever... for the better!! I got to return to my bed and for once the whole family was getting the sleep we all needed. I learned I could just latch her one in my sleep and then drift right back off when she woke for feedings. She never slept a single night in her crib. She went straight from my bed to a twin mattress in her room at 18 months. My son was the exact same way. I still got up in the middle of the night to soothe and nurse but at that age it wasn't more then once or twice and was for very, very short time. The only thing I did differently with my son then with my daughter was to skip the co-sleeper and just sidecarred the crib next to our bed. Everyone had plenty of room, no worries about baby rolling off the bed and everyone got plenty of sleep. As for naps during the day I either snuggled with them for their naps (I took it as a much needed rest and snuggle time for me as well as my babies) or I wore them in a woven wrap. They are only tiny for a very short period of time and before you know it you'll miss the time spend holding a sweet snugly sleeping baby so remember to savor every single second of it while he is still so tiny. You can NOT spoil a baby with love.

Angie - posted on 06/26/2012




As far as an incline in the crib... my kids both had reflux, so they needed an incline. I bought a piece of plywood and put it under the mattess. I propped it up at 30degree angle with books. That way the mattress didn't buckle.

Celeste - posted on 06/25/2012




Ok, I have no idea what a rock 'n sleep is, but can you put it in your room? I don't know for sure how to make a pack 'n play incline but in a crib you can make an incline by putting a pillow under the mattress at one end.

As far as holding your baby too much, no I don't think you are. Babies need the sense of security that comes from being held and cuddled. If you find yourself not having time to get things done because baby just wants to be held, I suggest a Moby wrap or a Maya wrap. Moby wraps are awesome for small infants because it gives them a sense of being swaddled, held, and close to the food supply lol. You can put it on, place baby in, and go about your business. Baby will nap when they want to and with a little practice, you can even nurse baby while they are in it.

For the supply, try eating a bowl of oatmeal every morning, warm compress on your breasts before you pump, massage your breasts while you pump, or make lactation cookies

Here's a recipe


1 C butter
1 C sugar
1 C brown sugar
4 T water
2 T flaxseed meal (no subs)
2 Lg eggs
1 t vanilla
2 C flour
1 t baking soda
1 t salt
3 C Thick cut oats
1 C Chocolate chips
2 T Brewers Yeast (no substitutions)

Preheat oven at 375.

Mix 2 T of flaxseed meal and water, set aside 3-5 minutes.
Cream butter and sugar.
Add eggs.
Stir flaxseed mix into butter mix and add vanilla.
Beat until well blended.
Sift: dry ingredients, except oats and choc chips.
Add butter mix to dry ing.
Stir in the oats and then the choc chips.
Drop on parchmant paper on baking sheet.
Bake 8-12 minutes.

Natalie - posted on 06/24/2012




No worries! I had the same fears! My son is now 20 weeks today and he slept in his Rock N Play in our room for the first 15 weeks!! He would sleep really well in an incline (swing too) as well until about week 13 and then he started waking up a lot at night in the Rock N Play. I could hear him shifting around and thought he was trying to roll in his sleep since he was learning how to do it during the day. Eventually, after 2 weeks of waking up every 2-3 hours again, it seemed like he was just ready for more room. As much as I wasn't ready for him to sleep away from me, he was showing signs that something needed to change! I tried getting my husband to move the pack and play into our bedroom, but he was trying to get me to test out the crib. So I did, and baby is sleeping MUCH better. Lots of room to move all around! You aren't spoiling your baby, you're being his mama who is his everything. Keep up the great work :-)

Gale - posted on 06/24/2012




Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important and key to a good milk supply. I would try the Towel thing to make him sleep at an incline. You can try putting him in his crib and put the towel under his mattress or try a blanket under to incline him a little. I kept my son in my room with me in a porter crib until he was 3mths old. I bought a baby monitor/video, I could see and hear him. I was a very protective mother. You can't spoil them at birth to 6mths old. They need the comfort of mommy, knowing they are always there for them.

Lori - posted on 06/19/2012




I think it sounds like you're doing great. For the first 3 months at least, I say let the baby sleep wherever baby wants to sleep. Assuming of course baby is safe. My first also preferred an incline. I found putting a towel under one side of the babies mattress gave us a bit of incline. I kept my first little one in my room in a bassinet until 7 weeks, but I kept my 2nd one in my room until 7 months. Both transitioned to their own room just fine.

The amount you're breastfeeding sounds perfectly normal. Keep doing what you're doing. And if you continue to pump each day, you should find that you're able to pump a bit more after a few days.

Being protective is your job now. It's not being overprotective by wanting your baby near you. That's normal. And you can NOT spoil a baby by holding them too much. Hold that baby as much and you and your baby want. The more the better.

[deleted account]

I had my son in the same rock and sleep bed and he loved it but it was getting to the point where he would push himself up and was almost to the top so I didn't want to put him in it at night anymore, he was in his room from day 1. When he was doing this I decided he had to switch to the crib and I'm going to be honest it was hard. He would jerk himself away when I put him down even if he was fast asleep. I couldn't swaddle him because we live on the top half of a duplex with no air conditioner and he is already a warm boy. So what I ended up doing was rocking him until he was almost asleep then put him down when he cried which he did because he didn't like the crib I gave him his pacifier and would rub his head and tell him he was okay I would go in every 5 - 10 minutes. This way he knew I was there but I wasn't going to pick him up because he had to get used to the crib. The first night this went on for about 2 hours. At some point he had moved himself so his arm was pressed against the side and that's what he likes if I moved him he would wake up so I decided to just leave him there. The next night I went in once and he was fine.

He is about 12 weeks old now and has been sleeping through the night in his crib for about a month now. I hope that helps, just keep at it I know it's hard but for us we had to move him for his safety.

Carleta - posted on 06/18/2012




I had as many questions as you did if not more with my 1st who is now 4yrs old. I recently had another (3mnths) and am breast feeding or pumping every 2-3 hrs and still on the couch sometimes (actually we're on the couch now, I am too tired to get up and do the transfer tonight) Yes, you will be able to sleep in your own bed but you have to make that first move. My son falls asleep in my arms or his rocking chair. I usually wait until he is in a deep sleep then transfer him to the bassinet, he fussed a lot in the beginning for at least 3 mins or so, but now is unfazed by the transfer. Keep in mind that he will fuss but will eventually go back to sleep. You can also try a gentle rub to soothe him. I also have two receiving blankets folded in quarters under the fitted crib sheet (like a baby pillows) so it gives him a slight lift.

As for the breast feeding, again, I feed or pump every 3-4hrs even at night and produce 3-5 oz per breast. My son sleeps through the night now, but I still get up to pump so my supply will not diminish. I find that the more I feed or pump, the more milk I produce. When he was a newborn, he feed almost every hr, so I feed him from one breast and pumped from the other so I could have a hefty supply of frozen storage. At the next feeding I switched breast. My son is 3 months and weights 18lbs 12 oz, he feeds every 3-4 hrs. Hope this helps.

Celeste - posted on 06/18/2012




I don't think that many moms know what kind of parent they're going to be until they have their baby. I have 3 kids and I know that I am NOT the parent I thought I'd be LOL

You're supposed to hold them. They need their mamas. They're supposed to be dependent. You're not messing him up. You're meeting his needs.

As far as pumping, your output is pretty good! Average output is 1/2 to 2 oz total.

Honestly I think you're doing a lot better than you think you are. Your baby sounds like a completely normal baby and you're responding to his needs. And yes, I agree with your doctor, feed him on demand!

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