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I am currently 4 1/2 months pregnant with my second child, I am going to breast feed due to financial reasons. I breast fed my son for a little over a month, but quit because I didn't really have all the info on how to deal with the breast feeding and kind of gave up. This time I have to keep at it, since i need to loose the weight and I enjoyed it last time and I want to provide the same for this child. If anyone has any advice or any websites or brochures that can give me info on breast feeding so I am more knowledgable this time around, please send me a message. I have read into a lot of stuff, but I am still trying to learn about storage and basic info. I would appreciate any advice!




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Sarah - posted on 05/14/2009




With my first daughter I only breastfed for a couple weeks, because it was so painful and I got a breast infection. With my second daughter I was determined!!! I breastfed her for 18 months and loved every minute of it. I think my first daughter tore me up so bad, that I was numb to any pain with my second one. I used Lansinoh creme and breast pads ( at Target). I had alot of breast milk and those pads never leaked, even at night. The creme can be put on and left on while nursing. As for pumping, I was a stay at home mom, so I didn't do any of that. One thing that is kinda off subject, I taught my daughter how to sign milk, along with a few others starting with she was a month. By 5 months, she would tell me when she wanted was a amazing!!! Good luck and I hope this time is a great experience like mine was.

Cindy - posted on 05/14/2009




"The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers" is also very good. It's by Jack Newman - Wendy has already listed the website. :-)

Emily - posted on 05/14/2009




The book A Nursing Mother's Companion...that was my reference for EVERYTHING!

Chanell - posted on 05/13/2009




Ask your Dr if they have any info about breastfeeding. Also you should be able to find a breastfeeding support group in your area. I just had my baby 8 days ago, and went to my first breastfeeding support group and it was very helpful. They also dont just talk about breastfeeding they talk about everthing, so you can really vent or get info if needed.

That I heard today was very helpful, I havnt gone to it yet but I hear lots of moms talk about it.

Im only 8 days into breastfeeding but I can say it gets eaiser everyday. Its a job in its self some days but its all worth it.

Good luck.


Wendy - posted on 05/13/2009



2 is also good

Also you could contact your local La Leche League (try through They have breastfeeding support groups that you can attend while you're still pregnant and the women who lead those meetings often will come and give personal support if necessary.

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