Need some breastfeeding mommy wisdom :)

Amy - posted on 02/26/2012 ( 13 moms have responded )




My daughter is 4 weeks old, and she seems to think she is hungry all the time. Its not a milk production prob, or her gaining weight prob (she was 7lbs 5oz when we left the hospital...8lbs 12oz last friday, this past tuesday 9lbs 5oz and just this past friday 9lbs 10oz.) Its just when she is awake, it seems she always hungry, but after she is at breast she is always spitting up, and even this morning she was still latched on and drinking and spitting up the same I need some experienced breastfeeding mommy advise. I know the dishes and housework will wait......but I still like to get some of it done...and my poor 4yr old would like some mommy time too.


LaLasha - posted on 03/11/2012




It's normal it's called cluster feeding and is a sign of a growth spurt. She is spitting up because she is swallowing air so make sure the latch is good and burp her after 5-10 of feeding. Babies also nurse for comfort, entertainment and just to be close to you it also helps their digestive system move along.

Aleks - posted on 03/05/2012




My daughter constantly wanted to nurse when a very young baby and she too was spitting up. I found the reason she constantly wanted to nurse was because of the SILENT REFLUX that also happened in between the spit ups.

Long story short: she had DAIRY PROTEIN INTOLLERANCE which caused the spit ups.

She also had SOY INTOLLERANCE which casued the silent reflux that lead her to constatnly wanting to nurse.

She had other symptoms as well - frequently runny nose, "colic", blood in her stools, really bad nappy rashes if I tried to cloth diaper her (which I did with my first born, but couldn't with her as she broke out in the first hour or two in a very red rash which just kept getting worse the longer she was in cloth nappy - it was another reaction to the soy for her).

I would be looking at finding out if your baby has intollerances too (these proteins can get through from the breastmilk). The only way to find out is through diet elimination (dairy, wheat/gluten, eggs, soy and nuts are some of the most common culprits). When doing the elimination diet one has to be very very strict as even minute traces can sometimes still cause problems, hence one has to eliminate things TOTALLY and read very carefully EVERY LABEL on process foods one buys in supermarket.

I would also suggest that if you are going in the diet elimination route to speak to a professional to give you guidelines in how to approach it, and then just do some thorough research ( is a good start too)

Good luck and I hope things work out for you :-)

Ania - posted on 02/29/2012




If she is spitting up....mhm maybe she just likes to suck for comfort, but I would try sling. That is my plan with the second one :) I guess the fact that she wants to be always at the breast is completely normal at this age. Sling or moby wrap will save you :) My son was hanging on me for a long time, but I gave in to it. Good luck!

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My daughter nursed at least 12 times a day for a long time. If you can expect to nurse every 1 1/2 hours during day, then try carrying her in a sling or other carrier so she can be close to you when you are spending time with your 4 y/o. And get rest! Some kind soul can come and do your dishes for you. This won't last that long really.


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Ronda - posted on 03/10/2012




My baby always spits up when I have coffee. Always the coffee. Incidentally, I got sick from it when I was pregnant too. It could be something like that.

Amy - posted on 03/07/2012




I talked with a lactation lady today about it, and she said as long as she is gaining weight and doesn't cry/complain when she spits up...its pretty much a laundry issue. And she doesn't complain for fussy when she spits I don't think its reflux...or gerd. But I'm still having her sleep on an incline to see if it helps. Again thank you ladies for any input :D every little bit helps

Kkrjrpleggett - posted on 03/07/2012




I'm with Aleksandra. It sounds like reflux to me. My son had/has it. I had to stop eating dairy, no milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. Plus he went on Prevacid. Problem solved.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/06/2012




new borns right up until about 6 - 8 weeks feed 10-12 times in a 24 hr period ..this is the information I received from the hospital with all three of my children

I found it to be very true. All I did was sit on the couch and breastfeed ALL day long for about 2 months.

Lori - posted on 03/06/2012




My oldest son (I have 3 boys) nursed every 45 minutes during the day, and every 1 1/2 hours at night time until he was 6-7 weeks old. My middle son nursed frequently as well until about 6 weeks and then he spaced it out more like 3-4 hours, and only got up once throughout the night, but by 2 months was sleeping through the night. My youngest nursed every 2 hours up until he was a year old. What I am trying to say is that it varies so much with each child. Most babies do space it out more after 8 weeks. They get through the rough spot at 6-8 weeks and then slow down. I found a comfy spot the floor with lots of pillows and played with my older child(ren). It should get better, 2 out of 3 of mine got better. You need to find solutions that work for your family until then. Good luck and congrats.

Amy - posted on 03/01/2012




I do have a moby maybe I'll give that a try :). Thank you to everyone for all of your advice :D

Marabeth - posted on 02/28/2012




i think most babies at 4 weeks spit up quite a bit, as long as it's not making her angry it's probably nothing out of the ordinary. (i guess it COULD be reflux but only your dr can tell you that really). my daughter was on the boob like twenty hours a day, literally for a long time. i feel for you, and i didn't even have a four year old at the time! get a carrier you can nurse her in (it might take a few different kinds to find the one you both like), pray she doesn't get too heavy too fast and just nurse her off and on all day in it so you can still have at least one hand free!

also i thought that most babies whose mother had over-active let down wouldn't comfort nurse.

Amy - posted on 02/26/2012




also..i'm pretty sure its not a latch prob........and she likes to use me as a soother.

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