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Needing some advice on this..

Megan - posted on 09/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i am nursing my 3 month old and here lately shes been spitting up a lot right after eating.. this was around the time that we found out my oldest was alergic to regular milk.. and we had to switch to soy.. i dont' want to stop breastfeeding but i was going ot switch to soy milk and cut dairy out of my diet.. i am not sure what to do.. cause she refuses to take any type of botle period i left her with a friend of mine to go to a movie and ened up comeing home to feed her.. please help me with this..


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Megan - posted on 09/11/2009




Thank you guys.. i didn't plan on stopping breastfeeding.. i just planned on doing what she needed me to do. to make eating better.. sometimes i notice she just nurses for comfort when she gets upset.. i will try cutting out dairy for a week and see.. i tried soy but i can't find one that i like..

Erica - posted on 09/10/2009




talk to ur dr about acid reflux and try cutting back the time she nuses to see if shes just too full

Amanda - posted on 09/10/2009




I agree with Brenda. Don't stop breastfeeding unless you feel it's getting out of control. Does your baby burp well, if not i gave my baby girl Ovol drops. (its an anitflatulent) and may help if your baby has some tummy troubles. I also went through a period of cutting out certain foods in my diet to accomadate my little one, such as wheat, dairy etc. (one at a time to see if it made a difference) & i would also suggest not giving her a bottle unless you are 100% ok with the fact that your baby may not go back to breastfeeding after being introduced to the bottle - I had many fights with my daughter because of the bottle & will never do it again. But to each their own, and hope you make out ok.

Brenda - posted on 09/10/2009




First of all, I would relax. An allergy to human milk is so incredibly rare that it would only be something to consider if she is spitting up so much she stops gaining weight. She may have a dairy sensitivity, in which case it could be helped by removing dairy from your diet. This would be easy to check, just cut out your dairy for a week and see if it improves.

Other than the spit up is she uncomfortable at all? Any gas or extreme fussing? I would almost be willing to say that the spit up is normal unless she is showing any other symptoms of discomfort. If she is uncomfortable, it might not be a dairy issue, and could be something else like mild reflux. I know my four month old can spit up like no one's business. He did it so good tonight he soaked a big huge spot through a baby blanket, the sheet, and the mattress cover and left a spot on the mattress. The last week he's been a spit up machine, but otherwise he's okay. As long as it seems to be coming up with burps, and doesn't seem to be a projectile vomiting type thing, I would not be too concerned. Remember, it always looks like a lot more spit up than it really is. If you are concerned, call your doctor though. may give you some help on the spit up issues and if it is something more serious or not. I used this to ease my mind when my little guy seemed to be spitting what I thought was everything back up that he ate.

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