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My baby and I got off to a rough start nursing. I had a c-section and was really ill for about 24 hours in recovery so I had little chance to practice latching the first day. Then after that we found out our baby tested Coomb's positive due to an ABO incompatibility between my husband and I. The nurses at the hospital and a ped started pressuring us to supplement with formula because the Coomb's caused her to be jaundiced. They had us using these syringes to feed her. Baby girl got used to them and got lazy at the boob. Didn't want to latch because she preferred the easier way (who wouldn't?). My breasts got so engorged from her fighting latching on and not using them that she literally couldn't latch on due to my nipples being flattened! It was awful and I thought I was doomed to be an exclusive pumper. So I started pumping and bottle-feeding her. My engorgement period finally ended and last night I decided to try the latching on just one more time after using the pump to draw my nipple out really good. It worked fantastic and now we're back to establishing a nursing relationship!

I am so relieved but I have questions. I pumped each breast for about 20 minutes when I was pumping. A LC at the hospital told me each feeding session should last at least that long. But my daughter prefers to spend about 5-10 minutes at each breast and she often refuses the other breast. Is this pretty typical? I'm worried about her getting enough milk. She seems satisfied immediately after her feeding, but there are times like last night when she nursed every hour for three hours and wore mommy's boobs out. Did she do that because she nursed too briefly at her prior feeding?

Thanks for any advice in advance!


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Ashley - posted on 02/24/2010




yes some people told me that she should be spending 30 min on each boob! not true my little one only will eat for about 10 min and sometimes not even go to the other one. also sometimes she will eat a ton and other time she will hardly eat it all depends on what your baby wants at the time i think

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No, she is waking up all the time because that is what babies do :) Even those who take 30 mins on each side to feed :) Especially if she is going through a growth spurt. But just in case, make sure you are burping in between sides, my daughter wont eat the next side if she needs to burp. I burp her and then she continues to eat. ALWAYS offer both sides, just in case, but if she doesn't want it, and is satisfied, then you are good. She is regulating your supply to only give her what she needs. When they are real small, it's not much - when they get into month 2 and 3 it's a bit more - but their strength is more too. It used to take my daughter 20-30 mins to feed, on EACH side when she was 0-8 weeks or so, now she is over 3 months and only takes about 10 min per side :) Make sure you are using both sides equally. Also, if she does end up eating both sides, make sure you START with the side she FINISHED on the last time, that way she is sure to get the hind milk, which is very important for weight gain.

GOOD FOR YOU! For keeping it going! I love people like you! :)

Rachel - posted on 02/23/2010




sounds just like my son. he is a super nurser. another thing i think that happens when you pump is you milk comes out faster for baby. as far as the hour long feedings brady does that too. mainly for comfort i think. you can tell by the power behind the sucking. if its a weak suck, its probably more for comfort. the good thing is that itwill boost your supply :)

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not necessarily...they can have stronger and weaker nursing periods...always coax her to fill up good each time...if you are getting frequent wet diapers dont worry. if there are only a few and perhaps darker urine then she needs more...nursing ore should fix the problem...way to persevere mom!

Jessica - posted on 02/23/2010




My daughter is nursing and she doesn't spend much time eating. She may go for up to 10 minutes at the most and only nurse on one side. She is satisfied and making dirty diapers to I don't worry.

I know the nurses, etc tell you to have her nurse off both side for a certain period of time, but some babies, like mine, are just really efficient and can get what they need in less time and off one side.

Babies empty a breast alot better and faster than the breastpump - which takes me a while when I have to pump.

Just follow your baby's cues and give her what she is asking for when she is asking for it. I've had nights where my daughter has nursed more often than others, but it's not every night so I don't worry.

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