new mom soon and theres so much stuff out there

Savannah - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




im gunna be a new mom in oct and with everything out there i am having problems making choices on things such as a breast pump not only weather to get manual or electric then after that what do i need with it any advice would be great


Lori - posted on 08/09/2012




Wether or not to get a breast pump, and which kind of pump to get really depends on your situation. Are you going to be a stay at home mom who wants to pump occasionally so that you can go out once in a while, or are you going back to work shortly after your baby is born so you'll need to pump several times each day. If you are not going to be far from your baby, then there is no need for a pump.

In general, a double electric pump is easier, faster, and more effective than a single pump or a manual or hand held pump. However there are some women who learn to hand express and find it faster and easier than a pump... but they seem to be the minority. Something like a Medela Pump In Style is a good double electric pump. It has a power cord, but it also has an option for batteries.


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Nataschasreilly - posted on 08/16/2012




I use the Ameda pump . I like that it has the suction speed and intensity controls and it's compact enough to fit in the bag. Also, it has both battery and AC power. I bought the car adapter for it as well when I was crazy enough to pump while driving (easily done and kept both hands on the wheel... but I wouldn't suggest it).

Recently I left the pump part at work by mistake in my zeal to escape to my vacation so I had to use my sister's pump. I used my Ameda flanges and tubing on her Medela pump. I like her pump because it automatically sets the speed and mimics the baby in that it starts fast and then slows down. The downside is that there is no way to control the speed. You can start the cycle of fast than slow over again but there's no in between.

I've never used the manual pump (that came with the Ameda) but carry it with me incase of pump failure. Being engorged at work (or anywhere) is horrible. You can think of nothing other than nursing and it's not very physically comfortable either.

There are plenty of pages singing the praises of both of these pumps. Unfortunately you won't know what works best for YOU till you use them and being you can't return them after the box has been opened unless you have someone's to borrow, what you get you'll have for a long time... that is unless you have limitless amounts of money (these suckers aren't cheap) then just buy another.

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