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my 9 month old son wakes up 5 times a night and he wants to suck a little bit to calm himself down and fall asleep again in his crib. We are not co-sleeping and I don't want to do that. If he was hungry it would be different but he just wants to nurse to go back to sleep. Can someone help me cut his night feedings? Should I do it all together or leave one feeding a night? i want to add that I would preferably want to nurse him beyond year is it possible without night feedings or he will cut himself completely? Help please....I'm really tired and i really want some night sleep....finally after 9 months


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We co-sleep so our situation is a little different from yours. I do however understand the tiredness (this is why I chose to co-sleep, I found it easier to get rest with the bf-ing baby in a place where I didn't have to go to them).

Nightweaning my son happened when he was about a year. I had returned to work and desperately needed the rest. We did a "boobies go night night" thing. It took a little while. We focused on a cuddle when my son woke up. We kept him reassured that we were there and we loved him, but there was no night feedings. I allowed night feedings until a certain time (midnight) and then allowed morning feedings after a certain time (5 am). It gave me a block of time that I felt was sufficient for uninterrupted sleep.

My son was breast fed until he was 18 months old. I am currently still breast feeding my daughter who is almost one. In a few weeks time I will likely begin to night wean her.

Every child is different. Your son may strike in defiance. If you wish to continue breastfeeding then continue to offer him your breast during waking hours.

It doesn't sound as though your son is hungry, more like he just wants some consoling. Expect the night waking and needing you to continue when there are big things happening: teeth, learning new skills, growth spurts.

Good luck and I hope you have good nights soon!

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