Nipple Yeast infections! How to cure it?

Jess - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




About a month ago my son got thrush and I got a nipple yeast infection. The doctor gave him Nystatin and told me to put anti-fungal cream on my nipples. I have gone to pumping only during this bought of thrush because I do not want to pass it back and forth. My son is better but I can't seem to rid myself of it. I boil the pump parts, put on the cream, and have even exposed my breasts to sunlight for 15 min. (in the house of course). But nothing seems to work!


Selia - posted on 03/02/2010




The yeast pill is Diflucan, and is usaully avoided during nursing just in case, but "should be safe". Have you tried Gentian Violet? it is herbal, but for me worked better than nystatin! Some natural food/herbal stores carry it, or you can order it online. It is made out of Gentian Violets and is preserved with alcohol, but the amt of alcohol is safe. My pediatrician recommended it. She said to use it no more than once or twice a week though because the alcohol will dry out your skin, but for us one application was all that was needed. Be careful though, it is a potent dye and will stain what you are wearing or anything you spill it on if not rinsed immediately, I'd recommend applying it in the shower after toweling off, then wait till it is dry before dressing and wear a bra you don't mind staining just in case. It works in baby's mouth too. The color will fade off your nipples usually within a day or two.

Crystal - posted on 03/02/2010




I used the gentian violet. it worked then we got the thrush again. The last time we had it I put the Nystain liquid in baby's mouth and also some on my nipples. worked great! been yeast free for 2 months now!

Michelle - posted on 03/02/2010




I would by all means call your dr and get it checked out if you think it is not going away . I know how painful this is and went through the same with my oldest which ending my breastfeeding . Noone seemed to care !
I am not sure if a antifungal [yeast] pill is safe while nursing , but know if it is your doc can give you an RX for it and all you do is take a single pill and it works great .
ALSO have you checked out breast shells ? these were a blessing with each of my kids . They generally have 2 different internal pieces , one for sore nipples and the other for inverted nipples . They help reduce anything rubbing against your sore nipples , and for me helped keep them dry while I used Lansinoh .
The shells cost around $12 - 15 and it is something that I just cleaned up and stored away for the next child or next emergency .
Lansinoh cost around $10 for a tube . You may even call your Peditrition and see if A&D ointment is safe [the clear yellowish kind not creamy] if you can not get any Lansinoh . I lived in a small town where local stores did not carry it so the lactation consultant at the local hospital told me to use A&D instead .


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Adrian - posted on 03/02/2010




I had a bad time with thrush. I ended up having to go on diflucan for 3 weeks because it went into my milk ducts. My daughter was on it for 2. I was also told to use a vinegar solution on my nipples after each feeding. It's 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to a cup of water. I took a cotton ball to apply and just let it air dry. This keeps your nipples acidic so yeast spores cannot grow. Breastmilk has sugar in it and yeast loves this so you do not want to leave breastmilk on your nipples. I also put Lotrimin AF on and would wash it off before the next feeding. I also used a washcloth to wipe out my baby's mouth after each feeding. Anything that come's into contact with your baby's mouth (pacifier, bottle nipples) needs to be washed and boiled for 20 minutes each day along with taking apart your pump parts and boiling them. You also need to make sure you change your bra each day and wash them in hot water. Putting some vinegar in the water helps too. If you are using nursing pads they need to be changed frequently. I bought the cheap ones that gerber makes ($5 a box) and would change them at every feeding and if they felt wet in between. Also using a hair dryer on your nipples is good to make sure they are completely dry before dressing. Yeast likes warm, moist places to grow. The most important tip is to get as much light and air to your nipples. A good lactation consultant can help you with getting rid of this as well. I'm not sure how old your baby is but our pediatrician said babies that get thrush will keep it on and off until they are 4 months old. My daughter is 2 1/2 months so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to you. I know how painful and stressful it can all be.

Hannah - posted on 03/02/2010




have you tried rubbing your breast milk on your nipples and leaving it to dry

Anneke - posted on 03/02/2010




I thought I had this after thush and it turned out to be cracked nipples as my sons cleared up and mine didnt. Some linsinoh cream for a week on it has helped and i wish i had found it earlier as i was in pain for so long. if not daktarin oral gel on nipples works.

Melyssa - posted on 03/01/2010




I was told to wash my nipples before and after a feed, I would do the same thing to clean them, but don't use a wash cloth just stand over the sink and splash them with warm water. Also, try to avoid wearing a bra annd especially breast pads if possible to avoid a dark, damp and warm environment which yeast thrives on. Izze had a terrible case and this really helped. He also said to blow dry my nipples after or walk around without a shirt for them to dry and not to towel them off. I never used the blow dryer, I thought this was crazy!

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