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Mary - posted on 11/20/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




My three month old sleeps pretty good at night. We are co-sleepers so nighttime feedings or fussy bouts aren't so bad for me. But I can't get him to nap well. It is battle to get him to sleep during the day. I rock, walk, lay down with him, nurse, change, burp, pacifier, etc. He just has to become so exhausted that he just can't stay awake anymore. Then once he is asleep he doesn't sleep soundly. He wakes up after about 30 minutes and we start the process all over again, all the while he is screaming. I can't get anything done, and it wears me out. Help!


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Margareta - posted on 11/21/2008




he may just be one of those babies that dont seem to need many naps, my son is 9mth old and has never napped much during the day - he does sleep ok at night although he does still have 2 - 3 night feeds.

Cassie - posted on 11/21/2008




I had the same problem with my daughter! We also cosleep, so I ended up either letting her nap in the sling while I did what I needed to (until she got too curious and wouldn't nap anymore) or putting her down in our bed (I would lay by her and nurse her just like bedtime, then slip out once she was out). Once I figured that out, she did much better. She still gave up her a.m. nap at 7 months, but still takes a good 2+ hour nap in the afternoon.

Mary - posted on 11/21/2008




Thanks for the suggestions! I tried the swing today and he loved it. We hadn't been using it because when we tried about 1 1/2 months ago he hated it, so yay, more options! Thank you for not telling me to just let him CIO. I'm not into it either and my mom keeps telling me to do it. The only time he ever cries w/o getting immediate attention is when I'm in the shower too, but he usually does ok. I also tried letting him sleep in his sling today. That went over well too. It kind of keeps me from doing stuff, but it's better than him screaming!

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We struggled with naps at about 3mo or so too. There are the few things we found that helped. Nursing my son to sleep even for naps and staying with him a full 10 minutes after he fell asleep. I was then able to quickly unlatch and walk away. Or I would nurse him to sleep in a chair, again let him nurse another 10 mins once he was asleep and then put him in his swing. If he woke I would sit right there with him telling him it was OK, maybe turn on some cartoons or soft music and leave him in his swing. Early on he spent many an afternoon in his swing. The ONLY time I would actually let him cry though (as you know I am not into CIO) was when I had no choice but to take a shower while he was a wake (because I wasn't able to slip it in sometime while he was asleep). So it was only for a few mins. I got REALLY good at taking FAST showers. But, I would lock him in his swing, which is in our room, and shower and I would talk to him the entire time I was in there... telling him it was OK, I was right here, but had to shower and I would be done shortly. Then I'd get him out as soon as I was done, dripping even still. Well by I would say 6 mo. he learned to LOVE his swing and shower time. I timed it around the time Elmo came on Sesame Street as he LOVED Elmo. For us SS comes on at 9 am and Elmo is on around 9:38. SO into his swing he would go just before that, and as soon as Elmo started I was in the shower. It just because our routine. Well now, at 23 mo. for probably the last 3-4 mo I can actually leave my son free in our room while I shower. Again, our master bath is right in our room, shower just behind a wall that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling and I turn on Thomas the tank engine, or Yo Gabba Gabba, or even sometimes Elmo and tell him, Ok mommy is going to shower now, here is your water, sit in your music chair and do not move OK, just watch your cartoons. He says, Ok mommy! Seriously. He's so freakin smart! Sometimes he comes and sees me in the shower. We took down our pretty curtain and just have the clear plastic up so I can see out and he can see in. It's going fine so far! Knock on wood. I think it's just all about being consistent, trying to set a schedule (while allowing your child to decide for themselves too) and creating a daily routine. I also try to play big time before nap time and wear my son out. LOL! Best wishes!

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