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my 3 1/2 month old is starting to poop less, actually yesterday she didnt poop at all!!! shes breastfed so it is freakin me out a little, i'm gonna wait and see for today but if she doesnt go soon im going to call the doctor, she isnt fussy or anything so im not sure


Michelle - posted on 11/11/2009




My books have said that exclusively breastfed babies may not poop often...sometimes only once a week. My son is on soy formula and has constipation problems because of that but he gets super fussy when he hasn't pooped for a couple of days and bears down hard when he tries to poop. If she's constipated you will probably know but if you wanted our pediatrician recommended giving 1 oz of pear juice from the baby food aisle to loosen him up when he was 2 months so I'm sure it would be safe for you to give your daughter. Hope this helps!

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Have you introduced anything new into YOUR diet? Maybe something you ate bothered her system for awhile? If it's only been a couple days she should be ok. If there's no poop for more than 7 days, she should be fine. But as the other mom's have said, beware the blowout. If you're really worried by it, call your pediatrician, and see what they suggest, but she should be ok. Her system is maturing, so she's probably just absorbing more nutrients now from the breastmilk...

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i wouldnt worry to much about it. my 9 1/2 month old went through the same things as i breastfed her. she would go 4- 5 days in between sometimes with no complaints. with breastmilk the body tries to use up as much nutrients as possible so it makes for little waste.

if she isnt upset and not in pain i wouldnt worry about it. you could always ease your mind by calling the doctor :)

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Hi, dont freak out that is totally normal for a breastfed baby, my daughter was the same and would only go maybe once a week.I was the same as u till I asked the same question. It is because your baby needs everything that is in your breast milk so there is very little waste as u can see.As long as she is having wet nappies and seems well in her self there is no need to worry. Good luck with the rest of the breastfeeding, ur doind a great thing. x


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Yes, it's normal for a breastfed baby to start off pooping after (or during) every single feeding and later start to poop less often. It doesn't mean she's constipated. Although some breastfed babies do get an upset stomach, or get extra gassy, because of something mommy ate, not all do. If she's behaving the way she usually does, there's probably nothing to worry about :)

Except, yeah, if you get to the only-pooping-once-a-week stage, you may want to bring a few extra outfits on day 7 ... ;)

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It's perfectly normal for breastfed babies to not poop every day. Sometimes they may even go for a week without. It's because breast milk is all natural and has less additives than formula that your baby would have to expel from their body. My son was about 4 months when he slowed down on his output too. As long as they are not fussy or screaming while they are trying to poop they should be ok. If you notice any weird behavior or it lasts longer than a week then you should probably take them to the Dr.

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i breast fed both my two girls and the first one pooped every time she ate. the second baby pooped every 7 days and i thought this wasn't right but my doctor said some babys just absorb all of the breast milk so there isnt any waste to get rid of. she stayed like this untill she started eating baby food. so i wouldnt worry all to much the doctor told me if she went much over 7 days then to bring her in.hope this helps.

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I'm breastfeeding and my little one aften goes only once a week. You can imagine the explosion when he does!!

Holly - posted on 11/11/2009




well is it normal that she used to have like a poopy every diaper change and for about 3 days things have changed??? this no poop t hing is new

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