Normal behaviour for 3 month old

Karen - posted on 07/12/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 13 week old has just began sleeping more at night this past week and did his first roll over yesterday. He might wake up once or around 5 am to feed. This is great. However, during the day he seems more irritable and fussy. He doesn't want to be put down, and when I walk around with him which he usually loves, he still fussing. Nap time is worse: he screams as if I'm torturing him and starts as soon as we begin the nap routine and will continue to cry for about 30 minutes. He has been napping longer now and he seems tired quicker.

Is this normal: fussing when awake, extra squirmy, more difficult to nap, napping longer, and getting tired quicker?

I know "normal" is probably not the right word since all babies are different, I'm just wondering if something else might be going on. He doesn't seem sick (bowel movements, wet diapers, feeding well, no temperature). I guess I'm worried because he dosn't seem as happy as he use to be.


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Sounds like a 3 month growth spurt. Just nurse him as much as he wants and massage him to help the growing pains. I wouldn't bother with a "nap time routine" at this age if he's resisting. Just let him sleep when he feels like it and he will develop his own routine. If he sucked on your shoulder so hard it gave you a hickey then he was probably trying to latch. Babies look to feed more during growth spurts.
Most babies don't like to be put down because they know the safest place to be is with mom. Plus all babies go through a bit of separation anxiety. Going from womb to the real world is a hard transition. Its our jobs to make it as easy as possible for the baby. I just carry my baby around with most of the day. I have a home made moby wrap she chills in while I go about my business. Willow loves it, plus i still have use of my hands. I can still do housework and play with my other daughter. I carried my 2.5 year old too.

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I had one little girl in my care get 4 teeth at 4 months, so it is definitely possible. Teeth work back and forth and up and down to come through, so even if you can't feel them budding, they may be causing him a LOT of pain, probably the first pain of his life, so it's very difficult on him. Also, boys generally have a lower tolerance for pain than girls at the get-go. Humans feel touch over pain, so any movement or touch will cause nerve confusion and allow his body to not focus entirely on the tooth region and make him feel a little better. So as soon as you put him down, and he's still, then all his body has to focus on is the pain and it seems so much worse. If he is totally miserable and can't sleep, then a little Tylenol should help. You can always give a half dose and see if that works and if it doesn't, give him the rest. I usually don't give medication unless there really isn't any other choice. The other culprit would be gas if you are breastfeeding [sorry, you didn't say] dairy, cheese, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and spicy foods could be causing discomfort if that's the case.

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It's possible that he's teething. Average age for a first tooth is 7 months, but some babies get their first tooth as soon as 4 months old, and it can take quite a while from when they first feel that tooth moving to when it finally pops through.


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Karen - posted on 07/17/2012




It has been a week now and he is back to sleeping less and less and the crying is getting worse. He cries so fiercely that the only thing that calms him is nursing and even when that's done he starts again. He had a bit of a fever tonight and we gave him baby tylenol even though I really didn't want to.

Can teething really cause so much stress and pain and can it last this long? He pulls on his hair and punches and scratches himself when he is crying and holding and rocking him is not working...?

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That is currently happening to me too (Hickey and all), so i started giving my LO teething toys during waketime like 20-30mins before naptime and now she has learned to self soothe with her hand to get to sleep. It was pretty stressful at first but after a week or 2 she got the hang of the new routine. And the toys are helping her with the grabbing. Good Luck, and btw my little girl is almost 3 months and she has little white marks on her gums that was a big indicator to me.

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Sounds like teething to me too. My son got his first two teeth at 4 months and he acted the same way. My 11 month old has been teething for the past 3 months and only has 1 tooth through. The pain can start early because some of their teeth will go down and up before they come through the gums. =( My daughter going through it right now acts the same exact way you are describing your 3 month old. She doesn't want me to put her down, wants to nurse more but crys and pushes me away but doesn't want down =) Sleeps good still once she gets asleep though too. He's probably napping longer because of a possible growth spurt too. Babies go through so much their first year of life =)

Karen - posted on 07/13/2012




He has been drooling and putting everything in his mouth. When I was burping him the other day he started sucking my shoulder so hard that he actually gave me a hickey! He is also licking his gums a lot...could be

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