Not burping well?

Alicia - posted on 10/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have heard that breastfed babies burp less. Sometimes after or in the midst of feeding I will try to burp her without success. I figure she doesn't need to. Later she seems to cry in ccomplaint of large and loud toots. So I have been spending longer periods trying to burp, 5-15 min. When successful, her burps are pretty big! So I feel so bad when I don't get any out, cause that may mean discomfort for her later.

This is a bigger issue for me for 2 other reasons.. #1 In the day she wants to nurse almost every hour -about 7-10 times between 8a/8p, and 4-5 times at night. She likes too suck more and just chill at the breast so our sessions are about an hour.. Feeding, burping, sucking, burping. This obviously causes more diapers!! I can barely get myself to the bathroom. #2 the easiest and sometimes only way to get her to sleep is nursing! I hate that I have to try to burp her... Waking her up.. But I don't want her sleeping with huge air supplies in her tummy!



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Mary - posted on 10/06/2012




You might look to her rate of swallowing...she is more likely to be swallowing a lot of air if she is gulping down a lot of air at once, I think. So, sessions where she is nursing like that may be more important to help her burp? I agree not to wake her up to burp. If you can set her up on your shoulder for a few minutes and then lay her back down without waking her up, that may help any air work it's way out if it needs to. I think that if she had a lot of air in her tummy, she'd be uncomfortable and not able to go to sleep easily.

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my son is 14weeks first child purely BF.

i recommend different burping techniques walking around stairs help to the gentle bumpiness helps gas escape and for lower gas lift her legs to her tummy imagine your changing her diaper lifting her legs forces her thighs to add pressure allowing air and waste to be pressed out.

next thats ok bf is all about bonding and comforting. shes not going through an more diapers than she should be. you guys sound like ur doing amazing. my trick is i have mastered using the restroom one handed, or ill place him in his rocker, he talks to the toys that hang from the bar and i just tell him mommys got go potty ill be right back i promise ill hurry i love you and he waits patiently as i go wash my hands grab a drink and return. lastly never wake her up to burp she should be fine through the night.

Lori - posted on 10/06/2012




I never woke my babies to burp them at night. I burped them during the day. But at night, I'd nurse them to sleep, and let them sleep. We never had any trouble.

Maybe you could give it a try just at night time, or burp her mid feed, and then let her fall asleep and don't do a final burp.

If it ends up causing her trouble, then you may have to go back to burping her before you lay her down... but it's worth a try.

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