not engorged?

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This is my first baby, he is 3 weeks old. The much heard about "painful engorgement" of the breasts never occurred for me, and I am still not producing enough milk to satisfy his hunger. I've been supplementing with formula, but now he is getting gassy and seeing as many in my family are lactose intolerant (myself included), we are thinking it is because of the formula. I would like to get my son on breastmilk exclusively, but don't know how to produce more milk. I am nursing constantly (every 2-3 hours during the day, about every 3-5 at night), drink around a gallon of water a day and am now trying the Mother's Milk tea. I've tried pumping but by the time he's done nursing I have nothing left to pump.

Is there anything else I can try? Could my diet have anything to do with it? (Being basically a single mom since the husband is deployed, I get very little time to eat)

Thanks in Advance ladies


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I'm a RN and know quite a bit about breastfeeding and supply issues. I also am a mother of a 4 month 2 week old babygirl and I exclusively breastfeed. I know that women regardless of nutrition are able to produce milk (if you think about third world countries nursing their young, and how many may not have a sufficient diet), so I don't think it seriously alters your milk producing abilities, but I still advise a healthy diet with adequate fluid intake to keep your body healthy.

Engorgement usually happens in the very beginning because breasts need to adjust to your baby's needs. Babies demands help adjust your milk supply, and engorgement will actually go away after sometime if you are exclusively breastfeeding (without pumping or giving bottles). My breasts now are much much softer and I was thinking my supply was declining but if I look at my baby's attitude after eating I know she's satisfied after eatings so I know my supply isn't low.

One thing about pumping is that it will help you increase your supply if doing it between feeds but the amount it removes doesn't do any justice into how much you produce. Pumping is less effective in removing breastmilk compared to baby actually nursing. While baby nurses check to see if they are latched on correctly, and showing cues that they are nursing good (the "guh's" associated with their swallowing etc). Babies also go through growth spurts where they might eat more frequently or might all of a sudden want to eat all the time (cluster feeding) and this is necessary so they can help you produce more milk.

Their are foods that can help produce more milk, and I've tried a couple, but now I just stick to a diet similar to the preggo diet. Remember to get rest when baby gets rest, and keep quick snacks on handy....I know how busy it could get in the beginning and how easy it is to forget to take care of yourself.

Good luck mama!!!

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taking time to make simple things to eat is great. like fruit which is great because the melons carry lots of water also (watermelon, cantalope and even cucumbers) keep yogurts handy and make up some sandwiches and maybe even try frozen meals. I know almonds also help with milk supply. Like everyone has said it is made by demand. My baby will nurse longer even when he has drained me to stimulate more milk because he wants more but none is left and within a day my milk supply will go up like wise yours will too. i knew of a site that gave you foods to eat that help milk suply so i'll look it up and post it later. Also look up a la leche counselor in your area and they are filled with great advice and know all the tricks of our trade. They can help with so much more even positioning and they are great support:) Good luck oh yeah and ditch the formula that is probably why you didn't make enough in the first place because you were already supplementing when it probably wasn't needed and by the time your milk came in there wasn't enough demand.

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Healthy mammals do not just not produce enough milk. Ditch the bottles, nurse your baby whenever he wants it, even if he just nursed half an hour ago and you'll make enough milk.

I myself never experienced engorgement, and I'm currently breastfeeding my second after successfully nursing my first. My second gets 95% of her nutrition from me at 11 months.

Don't worry about supplements, formula, whatever. You're fine. As long as you're taking in 1500-1800 calories a day you'll produce enough milk. Mothers exclusively breastfeed their infants in famine.

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good day! just want to ask if I can still breastfeed my baby? because i gave birth month ago and breastfed my baby for a week because i can't produce enough milk for my baby. Now that my breast is not engorge and not producing milk, if i took supplement like natalac, can it still produce milk?

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You have to make it a priority to eat regularly throughout the day. Also 1 Litre is NOT enough fluid for a breastfeeding mom, you should be taking in 3-5 litres a day. Try making sure you have a big glass of water every time you breastfeed. Avoid caffeine, it is dehydrating and will affect milk supply. Also, you can try pumping or hand expressing after your baby finishes each feed because it is supply and demand, the more you demand, the more you will supply. You can either supplement your feeds with the expressed milk or freeze it for later use. Remember, get lots of rest, sleep when your baby sleeps. Good luck and remember, persistance is the key. It will come in time!

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Just keep on putting baby to the breast as often as he wants to feed and pump in between. Even if you get nothing, pump for 5 minutes anyway and it will propmt your body to produce more. You do burn calories to make milk (although ladies in developing countries produce milk on a very poor diet... the quality of your milk will suffer if you dont eat enough and so will your health as your body will feed your baby first!) Try sitting the fruit bowl by your nursing chair (or wherever you BF) and keep drinking lots of water. the more you supplement the less you are signalling your body to produce more milk! I've also heard that fenugreek is good for upping your supply. Good luck :)

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