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My daughter is 9 months old and she nurses 4 time a day(sometimes only 3), and she seems not to want the food we eat. My doctor told me to start giving her more of the food that we eat to get her used to the flavors we eat, which I started doing. She started ok. But I have noticed that she doesn't even want to try the foods now. Like the other night she wouldn't even try the carrots I was trying to give her, but once I got the carrot baby food out she started eating that with the chunks of the other carrot in it. Then last night she would not even try the mac n' cheese that i made or the chicken. I wouldn't mind if she tried it and spit it out, but she keeps pushing the spoon away. I just gave her a whole grain waffle this morning and she is barely has touched it, and I know she likes that. I don't know if she is just satisfied with the breast milk or if she is just getting picky. Is this is normal? Is it ok not to feed her any solids if she refuses to eat it?


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Allie, breast milk is real food. Keep in mind the old saying, 'food before one is only for fun.' Babies might be ready to have a taste or a play with solid food by the time they are about 6 months old, but it won't be their major source of nutrition for a while. So don't worry too much if she's not interested. As long as she's being bbreastfed she'll be right. remember to give her a breastfeed BEFORE her solids. None of my girls were interested in solid foods until they were over 12 months old.
Some babies don't like being fed - I used to put a pile of mashed potato (or other veg) on their high chair tray and let them play with it. Messy, but they get a taste of the food.

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It is perfectly ok to not feed her solids if she refuses. I think it would be more harmful if you tried to force it. Certainly keep offering, but whether or not she eats should be up to her.

My son's interest in solids came and went at random up to and even a bit past a year. He WAS nursing a lot more often though.

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