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Ori - posted on 08/14/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband and I co-sleep with our soon to be 12 month old. But I am having trouble with her nursing all night. Each time she wakes up she wants to nurse, she wakes up every hour or so. Just wondering if any other moms have any solutions? She eats plenty during the day. Only nurses when its time for a nap, she only naps about 30-45 mins each day so Idk if shes just a very hyper baby or what. I don't drink caffeine except occasionally a cup of coffee. I know that babies use the breast as comfort at this age not necessarily for nutrition. She does take a paci-- sometimes, but once she realizes that its not my breast she wakes up an cries until I give it to her. Any suggestions will be helpful, I would love to sleep more at night!


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Sally - posted on 08/20/2014




At that age, she's plenty old enough to latch and unlatch herself if you leave a boob out. There's no reason for you to wake up when she eats.

Nicole - posted on 08/15/2010




My 22 month old still nurses for really long stretches through the night. Ah, molars! We sleep in a way that she has "open bar" access so I never even wake for her feeds. You know you've been at it a while when you can nurse sleeping on your stomach :D

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If I don't take my little one back to bed after he comes into my room to nurse, he will use me as a pacifier all night long or wake me every 30 minutes to nurse. We were finally to the point of him sleeping almost entirely through the night at 17 months when 2 more molars came in! Ugh!

April - posted on 08/14/2010




My little one is about to be 7 months and up until about 2 weeks ago she was co-sleeping. When she slept in bed with us she would literally nurse every 1-2 hrs all night long! It started to get a bit too much for me so we trained her to sleep in her own crib. Now she still wakes up at night to nurse but it's not every hour. Now she wakes up about every 3 hrs and doesn't nurse for too long, and goes back to sleep. Maybe you should try getting her to sleep in her own crib. It was hard for me cause it's much easier to have them right beside you to nurse, but it really is worth it in the end for a better nights sleep! Good Luck!

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My LO who's 21 mos. still does that. I'm pregnant again, so my sleep is alot more needed, so I just started putting her in her crib at night, and after few nights, she started STTN. But she has always napped during the day in her crib, so it wasn't like she'd never been in it before.
Good luck!

Joseline - posted on 08/14/2010




Have you tried bathing her at night? Mine is only 3 weeks old so I don't get much sleep regardless but this past week when I bathe her I'll do it at night and she seems to sleep better. Also try a rocking chair, I've heard it puts them right out lol. Good luck :)

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