Nursing Bra/Nursing pad recommendations?

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Just wondering what other moms prefer for nursing bras and pads :) I am in LOVE with my Medela Sleep Bra--I even wear it during the day sometimes. SO comfy and easy to nurse. When I go to work I wear a "real" bra and it's okay...but not as nice as the Medela one. (has more support though).

I bought a La Leche league bra and the underwire fell out after just 4 or 5 washings.

Any good recommendations out there?


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Kzed - posted on 01/31/2013




I swear by bamboo nursing pads and merino wool nursing pads. Cotton and synthetic ones stuck to my nipples (ouch) ! Plus I find they absorb more...

Rhonda - posted on 01/23/2013




There is a brand new product developed by a mom that had issues with leaking the entire time she nursed her kids. It is called Rest Assured Nursing Pads. They are designed to cover completely so moms do not have to sleep in a bra. They are great!! You wear them with a tank top or a nightgown that fits closely. It is easy to feed your baby then just go right back to sleep. My back felt so much better after using this instead of sleeping in a bra!

You can find them on Amazon or at

Hope this helps!

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I leak through the Gerber Ultrathins, so I am using Lansinoh disposables...the white ones. Just curious what other mamas like!

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nursing bra: anita brand, wireless, love it, bought 5, wear them all the time, love anita bras in general
pads: gerber ultra thins, the have no plastic, so they "breathe" yet still hold in leaks, not itchy like medela pads

Shae - posted on 11/13/2008




I have a regular bra that is "expectant moments" that I purchased at Mervyn's that I absolutely love. I also have a sleep bra from Motherhood Maternity. (Don't know the brand since I'm wearing it right now. :) As for nursing pads, I really like the Lansinoh, because it never leaks, others can't tell that you're wearing a nursing pad, and it offers enough padding so you don't "nip" out. Medela has a brand that is similar, may be a bit more expensive and I've only seen them at maternity stores instead of findng them at walmart.

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