Nursing bras that don't itch?

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my first, and since someone said it can help toughen up the nipples to wear nursing bras with the flaps open (and let your clothes rub, and so on), I've been trying to wear nursing bras instead of my preferred, haven't-worn-anything-else-in-years sports bras.

It's hell.

Not only do they fit very differently -- as, of course, I should expect them to! -- but something about the layers and layers of fabric under the boob just SWALLOWS sweat and gives me a massive rash.

I switched to sports bras exclusively because (a) they gave me firm enough support that I didn't hurt, something I could never find in a 'standard' cut bra, and (b) their 'performance' fabrics wick away sweat wonderfully and kept me comfy and dry.

However, now I'm screwed, apparently. Help! Also, I can't afford to spend $$$, esp. since I'm going to change size between now and Baby-Day, I'm sure. I'm used to $8-12 bras, and though I know I'm NEVER going to find a nursing bra in that range of ANY construction, I don't really want to spend more than $30 on something that may be too small in two months anyway.

Suggestions? I'm currently a 40-42 DD. Ish. You know what I mean. :->


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Angela - posted on 11/30/2010




You already have the same advice but I must accentuate the point: YOU DON'T NEED TO TOUGHEN YOUR NIPPLES! That's an old way of thinking.

I'll be honest (and a bit personal), my nipples after nearly 4 years straight of nursing (tandem nursed for a year and a half), my nipples are softer than they have ever been. has lots of bras, for nursing and beyond, and just about any size necessary. Medela has a good set of bras too, just for nursing. The cheap ones you get at Motherhood Maternity are OK but they only last a couple months, and that's for smaller breasts. I'm sure they break down faster when there's more weight involved.

Your breasts will grow briefly after baby comes, but they will soon return to the size you are in your last month of pregnancy. Don't buy anything when your milk first comes in. Take a picture of them for future laughs and try to tame them with what you have. You'll be amazed at your "boob job" but it's temporary. Don't stress too much about it and DEFINITELY don't spend big bucks for the enormous jugs (pardon my crudity).

[deleted account]

I think the cross over Gillian O'Malley from Target (I linked it in post above) goes up to XXL. They're not in band/cup sizes. I've found the XL fine (I'm a 38DD) so I imagine the XXL would fit you after you give birth (my band size went down). Good luck! :)

Jessica - posted on 12/11/2008




No need to toughn up your nipples. Whatever you decide to use as a bra when nursing make sure it doesn't have an underwire as the wire may cause plugged ducts, which are painful. I use a bra by Goddess, which you can find on e-bay...all cotton, no underwire. I am nursing my second child and am a 38F so a bra is very important as you can imagine!!!! Good luck to you.

Stasia - posted on 12/11/2008




i think someone already said it but bravado makes great, comfortable easy to use and they are more like small large xxlarge types. I dont know if they make them in your size or not, I have the opposite problemI I didnt even have any until my daughter was born!

Debbie - posted on 12/11/2008



24 has a nice, reasonably priced selection of large bras I too am a 42 DD right now

[deleted account]

As far as target goes, they only go up to 40 on the band size -- and only stock three or four bras that big. Also, they only seem to go to D.

I was a 36-C beforehand, but now I'm somewhere in 42-DD range, and I'm only at 31 weeks! I imagine after the birth they'll probably get a big larger.

Ericka - posted on 12/10/2008




Target also has a nice selection of nursing bras. The hard part is getting there before all the good sizes are gone.

[deleted account]

Thanks everyone for the great nursing bra sites - I too have a hard time finding ones that are just right, so this is great.

User - posted on 12/07/2008




Agreed with the "toughening up" the nipples. It hurts more than it helps.

I actually found $12 nursing bras at Wal-mart. But make sure you measure yourself before you buy. Even your rib cage spreads a bit while you're pregnant, and we all know the boobs themselves get bigger. You don't want a bra that doesn't fit!

Emily - posted on 12/06/2008



124 has a huge selection of nursing bras. Everything from sleep bras, to sports bras, to fancy lingerie nursing bras.

Don't bother toughening your nipples, it doesn't matter how much you do it, the babies suck will be different and will take getting used to. I nursed my second through my pregnancy with my third and am currently nursing two. Even though my nipples were definitely used to nursing, there was still an adjustment period after #3 was born because a newborn's suck is different than a toddlers.

I hear you on the sweat thing though.. that's one I've had difficulties with too. I'm a 32 DD/E and have a hard time finding things supportive enough and also breathable enough.

Carrie - posted on 12/06/2008




DON"T try to toughen up your nipples. it's causing you unnecessary pain, and it doesn't really help. I found that the best, most supportive bras are from bravado. i have owned nursing bras from motherhood, target, and they just aren't anywhere close to the support and comfort of my bravado bra. i would wait until after the baby comes (and your milk supply regulates around eight weeks) before buying an expensive nursing bra though... because you will change sizes. Until then, I'd recommend a nursing tank. I loved mine from target, but they do tend to run a little small.

[deleted account]

Well, there's hope. There are Sports- nursing bras out there, which are very comforable. As far as toughening the nipples, it doesn't really do anything. I used to brush mine with my pretty rough shower brush and still got sore, cracked and bleeding nipples. Even if your nipples are toughened (if this is possible), if your baby doesn't latch well or the two of you don't get the hang of it right away, it won't help. So just enjoy your favorite bras a little longer. Also, I was a D while pregnant, I am now an F. So don't invest in too many bras until about 2 months after your baby is born.
I found has a great variety of bras, most of them at a reasonable price.

Mary - posted on 12/05/2008




Mothrhood Maternity has good bras. They have a nursing sports bra too. And they fit in your price range. Also, I agree that u do not need to toughen ur nipples up. Tht is weird and letting your nipples rub against ur shirt wont toughen them up...maybe desensitize a little...but stop torturing yourself.

[deleted account]

Well, if you don't mind used, Bravado makes great nursing bras that are sports-bra ish. Check out their web site, call their help line for advice in sizing... then go on ebay and see if you can find one cheap. And btw, I have also heard that toughening the nipples is not necessary, though a few years ago, that was the thinking.

[deleted account]

You don't need to toughen your nipples! No offense to whoever told you that, but stop torturing yourself!!! You might find that you can use your beloved sports bras for nursing, I've done it before without problem but I'm 38B so it may be quite a different experience for you. I just lifted the bottom of the sports bra up enough to let baby get to the nipple. Again, you DON'T need to toughen your nipples--save your money for after baby comes when you find out whether or not sports bras will work for nursing. Good luck and I hope you find a comfortable arrangement for the boobies!

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