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Noreen - posted on 03/08/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




I have to say. Since my daughter was turned into a "toddler" I have nursed in the most awkward weird positions and places. For instance, I was able to nurse her while I was combing and then blow drying my hair today because she could not wait another second and we were running late. She is such a little monkey and holds on with her legs and arms. LOL

What are some weird or awkward positions and places you have nursed at?


Mary Renee - posted on 03/15/2011




My daughter has recently begun standing on her own and she will stand with her legs straight and bend over (like Mowgli in the jungle book) and nurse that way.

I've even nursed her while she's been standing up and I've been putting bedtime lotion on her and her diaper on! Like your little one, she just grabs on.

Another funny thing is at night time she likes to sleep on her stomach (she always has, I've always put her on her back but she always rolls over on to her stomach) and so she'll nurse face down on my boob and I'll hear little snorting raspberries if her nose accidentally gets covered.

Oh my gosh, we've nursed in every possible position, haha. I love it, it's so much easier than when she was a newborn and everything had to be just so.

Oh and someone else mentioned "pouncing" - that's my daughter to a T! If she wants it, there's no stopping her, she's like a little tiger and she'll latch on during any activity.

Here's a little story. I'm a pretty young mom (24) and I was walking around the store with her when a group of very attractive surfer guys were heading in my direction. So, yeah, I had a baby on my hip but I still decided it couldn't hurt to check them out. Right as their passing and I'm doing my best aloof sexy look, she pulls my shirt down and bobs her head on my boob trying to latch on. Oh Lord, so much for trying to be sexy!

Sandie - posted on 03/08/2011




i have also had to nurse while blow drying or straightening my hair!! the funny thing at the moment is he likes to get his toy panda to nurse on the breast that is free while hes attatched. bless him.


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Codie - posted on 03/18/2011




mine is only 9 months but man if he sees it and he can get close enough, wam! he latches and goes to town lol. he's just started trying to nurse on his stomach laying next to me or while sitting on my lap facing me. he always has to make sure he can rub my chest, hold on to my other nipple, or put his hand on my face. the hand on face thing can be difficult if i'm trying to cover him while nursing, he pulls that blanket right off! haha

Noreen - posted on 03/17/2011




That will be a story to share with her when she is a teen Mary! LOL!!

Sarah- My daughter likes to sit next to me or on my lap and nurse while watching tv, her brother's play, or look at the computer. LOL

Sarah - posted on 03/15/2011




Sometimes my 15 month old daughter tries to nurse sitting down next to me with her head awkwardly turned to watch tv, lol

Merry - posted on 03/13/2011




Wow, Eric really is boring!
I sort of wish he had some cute breastfeeding quirks....
Ah well, I love my snuggler!

Lise - posted on 03/13/2011




My daughter loves dangling over my shoulder and nursing upside down. She'll also cling to me and nurse in the shower while I wash my hair. Goofy!

Katherine - posted on 03/13/2011




If I had a dollar for every time I had toddler butt, or stinky toddler feet in my face while I was nursing, he'd have his college paid for already. :D

Noreen - posted on 03/12/2011




My daughter can also nurse standing up while upside down. I call it milk stands. LOL (like bear stands)

Joy - posted on 03/12/2011




My daughter's almost 19 months. If she's seated at her toddler table or another table that she's not strapped into the chair (we have a bar table that she can't climb onto the chairs and eat so we still have a booster seat strapped to one of the chairs), she will get down after eating and get some 'Mommy milk' to wash the food down. Other times if I'm on my knees playing with her on the floor she will lift my shirt up and 'pounce.' Now that she is older we have set some limits such as she can't 'pounce' me when we're outside of the home.

Merry - posted on 03/12/2011




Eric is an old fashioned nurser! He is always in the cradle position. Always! If I try to let him latch on sitting up he says 'no, night!' meaning he wants to lay down!
Too cute. And he always has to have one hand behind my back too, like he's hugging me. But every once and a while he will pull that arm out so he can play with his lovey rag :)

Celeste - posted on 03/08/2011




My daughter used to like nursing standing up

My twin boys, they had all sorts of weird positions LOL One time, I was lying down, one was on my stomach and the other went over my shoulder. Another time, I was getting dressed and I went in their room to get them out of their cribs. One of the boys just latched on in his crib!

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