Nursing while pregnant :)

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Well our son will be 7 months old on Saturday and we just found out there is another little one on the way! Ethan is pretty much exclusively breastfed he has had a bottle of pumped milk maybe 5 times and once or twice a week he gets a little cereal or pureed fruit also he likes sips of water from anyones glass who's willing to share lol. Anyway I'm not going tol try to wean him because I really do not want him on formula after 7 months of wonderful nursing (he's tripled his birth weight, yay boobies). I bought a huge bag of oatmeal to have for breakfast everyday and I'm going to try to pump 4-6 ounces a day and freeze it in the deep freezer just incase but besides oatmeal, pumping and teas/herbal supplements what can help a pregnant mamma keep her supply up and what can I do about my sore nipples lol thanks in advance ladies I owe my wonderful nursing experiences to he information and support I gained from this community during my first pregnancy so keep up the great work!


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Congrats!! It's definitely possible to nurse through your pregnancy. Since he's pretty much EBF it is a good idea to pump and store some milk. Be careful with the herbal teas and supplements. Many are not approved to take during pregnancy or there's not enough data to say if they're safe. Check with your OB before you take any supplements. Even with trying to keep up supply some moms experience low milk supply about half way through their pregnancy. Or your milk may change to colostrum about half way through (which is still safe for baby to have). Some moms experience no change at all in milk supply and happily nurse right through. I highly recommend the book, "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" by Hilary Flower. I'm about 8 weeks pregnant right now and I have a 19 month old. Make sure your baby gets a good latch each time. My toddler has developed a bit of a "lazy" latch which is pretty obvious now that I'm sore. For me, right now, the soreness is only at the very beginning and goes away as she nurses. Good luck!

Mary - posted on 12/08/2010




Congrats on your pregnancy and for being so determined to breast feed! I'd make sure you have some nipple cream on hand and try not to let your little one linger too long on the breast. Doing those things helped me a bit w/ the sore nipples while I nursed during this pregnancy. They still hurt me when I nursed at times, but some how mamas are strong and I got through it. I think a lot of women nurse through their pregnancy w/ out problems. At least your son can start taking solid foods now and will have more calories coming from them in the next few months.

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