NuvaRing and breastfeeding

Julianne - posted on 03/23/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Right now I am 6 months post-partum and today my doctor gave me NuvaRing to use for birth control and he knows I am breastfeeding. Does anyone have any experience with this... I have researched this some and there seem to be a lot of people saying milk-production is really reduced but I have also found a few cases where there are no changes in supply. I was curious to hear from this group to see if there are people here who have tried NuvaRing while breastfeeding and what the result was. Thank you! :)


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Hannah - posted on 03/24/2009




Even though the horomones from the Nuvar Ring are local, it still affects your milk supply. I wanted to get back on the Nuva Ring after I had my daughter but my doctor said no way. I got an IUD (which I was totally apposed to getting at first) and it has been really nice.

Tamara - posted on 03/24/2009




I would shy away from using hormonal birth control while breastfeeding due to the possibility of supply drop. I have a copper IUD that provides birth control for up to 10 years or less if you wish. It's not had an effect on my supply and is very low maintenance. All I have to do is check my strings once a month. There's no changing out a ring or remembering to take a pill.

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