Ok, I plan on stopping to breast feed with in the next 2 weeks, I need the closest pacifier to a bre

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I have been using the playtex nurser bottles with the brown nipples and I also breast feed, I plan on stopping to breast feed with in the next 2 weeks and she will only be on the bottle, the problem is, she LOVES to use the breast nipple to fall asleep on , and she does not like any pacifiers so far that we have tried, sometimes she sucks her little thumb, but it is not quite satisfying yet, because it is so small, any suggestions, Not looking forward to some restless nights when she doesn't get the breast anymore !


Merry - posted on 12/14/2010




Her baby is not even two months yet.
Alyssa, we really can't encourage you weaning so very very young in this community, we do not encourage weaning before the age of 12 months for any non medical reason.

Unless of course this is a medical reason?


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Honestly, I wouldn't start a pacifier. It's just another thing to wean from. Is there a specific reason you are weaning. Maybe you can try to stop nursing to sleep now. A little before my son turned 9 months, I nursed him, then changed his diaper (that way he was obviously awake when I put him down.) I never did cry it out, but I did allow him to cry for 10 minutes before going in. And by nine months he was falling asleep on his own.

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I actually hated the Playtex Nursers and used Born Free bottles. Funny, I can't even remember why I hated them, lol.

Isla used a Mam pacifier and LOVED IT. We took it two months ago though.

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I agree, the nipples seem to do well. Neither of my kids took to the nuck at all. With our oldest we watched this happiest baby on the block dvd and it talked about swaddling, etc. Well we swaddle our kids before sleeping and it's helped a LOT. We'll swaddle our little girl, then we'll feed her, and she'll typically fall asleep while eating. Being swaddled helps her fall back asleep or stay asleep. Sometimes she'll cry a little after setting her down but if we wait no more than 2-5 min she's right back asleep.

My oldest was off the boob by the 5 weeks and my little girl was off the boob by less than 1 week.

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In my opinion you are using the BEST bottles! Did you try the soothe pacifier? Most hospitals give them out. My son is breastfed and has been sucking his thumb since he was about 2 or 3 months old... he is now 6m. The soothe is the only pacifier he will take, but he rarely ever takes a pacifier because he prefers his thumb... before he sucked his thumb he loved this pacifier.

Merry - posted on 12/11/2010




I feel for you! My son also uses the breast to fall to sleep, he is almost two years now and I can tell he is starting to grow out of the need to breastfeed to sleep. But he still needs it most nights.
He never took a pacifier after three months, and no bottles either, he just liked my nipple!
Lol I guess he just didn't want to settle for fake nipples:)
If you absolutely must wean her, I'd just suggest doing it as slow as you can, it's not easy for little ones to break their instincts, but with a lot of love you can try to make it as easy on her as you can.
If you are able to breastfeed a bit longer until she masters her thumb that might be the easiest way to make her wean early. Either way, just be gentle, she won't understand why you are refusing to breastfeed and she will need a lot more cuddles to show her you aren't rejecting her.

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