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Adriana - posted on 01/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so when my son was born, I strictly breast fed. I even hand pumped and mechanically pumped the milk.

Their were issues on top of issues! He didn't latch, he ate more than he should, my nippled cracked and dried and even bled. So I resorted to formula and my milk. I couldn't take the fact that I cried from pain every time I breast fed my son. I even used the cool pads.

I didn't stop breast feeding him until he was maybe 7 or 9 months. He's 20 months today and.... I'm STILL making milk! Is this normal?? Everyone says I'll dry out soon and I even heard I have to take a pill to dry me up but it's been almost a year. I'm not engorged or anything. In fact, my breast got smaller thank the lord lol. I'm also 9wks preggo and I still have milk here and there. I actually check because I get worried that it's a bad thing.

Has this ever happened to anyone?? That you stayed making milk for a year?? I'm waiting for my insurance to send me a new card to I can see a doctor A.S.A.P but am I the only one here??


Carolyn - posted on 01/19/2011




well with your being pregnant i beleive it does revert to colostrum. Why bother drying yourself up to just start lactating again anyways.

if you dont stimulate your breast, it should continue to decrease. but i have read that some women will continue to produce small amounts of milk for a very very long time.... years. some are able to squeeze out like thickened cheesy kind of stuff ages after. so ive read anyways.

Besides, you are pregnant, the medication to dry you up may not be safe during pregnancy. becareful !

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