One breast drying up normal or possible????

Jennifer - posted on 12/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Is it possible for one breast to dry up? And if so is it normal? I feel like when I switch my son to the left side he's not getting anything so the other morning I made sure to start on the left side and I did not feel a let down. Am I being paranoid?


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Callie - posted on 12/09/2010




I know that my left breast doesn't produce as much as my right. But my daughter prefers my right. So I always make her start on the left side (if not she will spend 1min or less on the left). That way my left side won't dry up (and she gets to end on her favorite). I would just have him start on the left and let him stay on there as long as he wants to stimulate production on that side. Breastfeeding is supply and demand. Good Luck.

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It's possible to produce less on one side than the other. If you're nursing both sides frequently then you should have milk in both sides. Not feeling a letdown is not an indication of supply. Some women never feel a letdown in either breast. Pay attention to his swallowing. Does he seem to be swallowing milk from that side? You could start on that side for a few feedings to boost supply. He will have a more vigorous suck on the first breast because he's hungrier in the beginning.

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