Opinions on "nurse-ins"?

Taylor - posted on 03/23/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




I'm curious to see where other BFing moms stand on this. My husband recently witnessed a nurse-in at the indoor waterpark he works at. The mothers story was that she was told she couldn't BF there and was kicked out of the park. That is also what was reported by the media, who only interviewed the mother.

My husband spoke to the employee who was involed in the incident and he recieved a different story. Supposedly the woman was sitting in the waterpark completely bare from the waist up, nursing her child. After recieving complaints from other parents, a manager approached and respectfully asked her to cover up a little bit more since there were children there.

The end result was lots of negative attention for the waterpark and a nurse-in that was featured on local news stations.

Do you feel like nurse-ins bring positive or negative attention to BFing moms? Do you think it is appropriate to nurse in public with your chest completely exposed?

I proudly BF my son until he was 1 and he self weaned. I'm honestly just curious about how other moms feel about this. I'm not trying to slam anyone or start a war :)


Jenni - posted on 03/23/2012




Oh wow! I am a die-hard breastfeeding mom.....dream of every woman breasfeeding.....no bottles ever....but I would NEVER breastfeed without something to cover up with. I breastfeed in public all the time with no shame. I am a birth doula and student midwife and I really don't like nurse-ins. I think it's a bit forceful of getting the point across. I think just breastfeeding in public in ordinary everyday life....is enough. I must say, I rarely see any moms breastfeeding anywhere where I live. I always breastfeed my 3 yo in public whenever I get a chance....and that gets the point across very quickly. lol I think it's about making it normal, not a freak show. Too much emphasis can make it go the wrong way and make us breastfeeders look like weirdos. I live in Nebraska and very few moms breastfeed. It's getting better, but not fast enough for me. I think more teachers, educated supporters is what will help breastfeeding!! And less free formula from WIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori - posted on 03/23/2012




Just goes to show there is always 2 sides to a story.

I really like Jenni's response. I also have breastfed my LO's in public, but never without a cover and certainly not completely bare from the waist up. I've even breastfed at a water park - and yes it's an area where many people are only wearing swimsuits, but I still managed to drape a towel so that I was covered, but my LO didn't have the towel in her face.

I do think women should be allowed to breastfeed anywhere but I don't think I would be comfortable participating in a nurse-in.


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Anna - posted on 03/27/2012




I think it's ok to nurse in public but I always did it very discretely. I'd always sit in a far corner with my back facing most ppl and a nursing cover to cover my baby's head and my breast. I never took my shirt off. Based on what you're describing, I think this women was excessive.

Ramona - posted on 03/25/2012




I have read up on this because I was concerned when a mother in my MOMS club said I could nurse anywhere I wanted. When I looked into if further and read up on the actual laws for Texas this was my final understanding.

You can nurse where ever you want BUT...if it is private property they can ask you to stop or leave. It did go further into what the understanding of private property is...it is any property not owned by the government: local or federal.

So...is it wrong to ask a person to cover up or leave...NOPE not at all assuming it is private property.

I love love love to nurse but if I had witnessed this I would have personally approached the woman. There is modestly nursing in public without a cover up (which I have done) and than there is indecent exposure. If she had the breast she was not nursing on uncovered than I believe this was completely and totally wrong on the mothers part. She probably got so upset because she knew she was in the wrong.

I think for the most part it is negative attention from the media. Unfortunately there is a taboo about nursing our children in public and even my husband is uncomfortable with it when I do it. However, the media will try to go with the majority of people. They like to cause a rile from the public and if they so choose will make either the mother or the proprietor be in the wrong depending on the audience.

Joy - posted on 03/24/2012




I participated in a nurse-in once when a friend of a friend of mine reported she was told by an employee at an indoor mall park to remove herself to the family restroom. From what I understand the mall employee was reprimanded later and the mall issued a public apology. The only other side of the story I heard was that mom was a 'drama queen' and wanted the attention, but that was a comment from a group of women (much older) that commented the nurse-in was 'flashing my boobs' for people to see. ...I have since left that group of women. My daughter's a little too old for me to be comfortable at another nurse-in (although she's still breastfeeding at 2 1/2 years), but I'd participate again if I have a second child.

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I would never participate in a nurse-in. I breastfed my son in public (mostly only til 2), but only because it was what he wanted/needed at the time. I'm not interested in drawing any attention to myself.

I am unsure of my stance on others participating in a nurse-in. I think it would depend on the particular's on BOTH sides of the story... which we don't always have the truth.

Celeste - posted on 03/24/2012




I have mixed feelings about this particular story. If she truly was bare from the waist up, and there was a nurse in, I probably wouldn't participate. There are 2 sides but I haven't even read or heard what happened from the mom's point of view. I have participated in nurse ins, but I'm very cognizant of which ones I choose to participate in.

Anyway, nurse ins in general, if done correctly, I think they can make change (examples are, Applebee's, and the law being overturned in GA) But, I think nurse ins should be used sparingly. If a nurse in is organized before a company has a chance to respond, then I don't think they'll do any good..

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