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This isn't so much about breastfeeding, but I'm wondering if it's safe/okay to give my 8 month old something else to drink during meals besides water or water/juice combo? I was thinking rice milk or something like that. It's mainly just to introduce her to something besides water that is more nutritious than juice. I thought it would also be nice to have something for her to quench her thirst if I have someone watch her for a couple of hours. I strictly breastfeed, no formula, no bottles.


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Minnie - posted on 02/16/2010




There's nothing wrong with a person drinking nothing but water! That's the way it's supposed to be :)

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Good to hear from everyone. I feel like I should mention that juice is VERY rare in our house and when we do have it we drink Vruit (has fruit and veggie juice). A friend of mine said her son loves Almond Milk, but I thought I should wait until she's at least 12 months+. I think I'll just be sticking with water for the time being. Thanks!

Beck - posted on 02/16/2010




My little man is 11mths and has four bfeeds a day and water thats it. He will probably never have juice, I dont drink it as its packed with sugar. I dont see the need for him to have anything else. He will have cows milk from 12mths but still bfeeds and mainly water - which he LOVES! we have to stop him from drinking too much! We grew up never having anything but water and for a SPECIAL treat very occasionally cordial.

Martha - posted on 02/15/2010




I'm sure its safe to introduce things as long as its nothing shes allergic to. Just be careful with juice, its just pumped with a ton of sugar and has little nutrtion.
Another milk "alternitive" thats super nutritious is hemp milk. I know it sounds weird ( it sure did to me when i first heard of it) but its the most nutritious milk out there, and it's all natural, not fortified or enriched like every other milk out there. And its pretty much hypoallergenic. https://www.wegmans.com/webapp/wcs/store...
If you look down on the page it has the nutritional info. :)

Christine - posted on 02/15/2010




Just an FYI- My oldest is diabetic and her endocrinologists say that ANY child, whether diabetic or not, really shouldn't have juice at all until they are atleast 5. It is just way to high in sugar and highly processed. Almost cancels out the nutritional value all together.

I know you were already saying that you wanted a healthier alternative to juice. Just seemed like an appropriate place to share that little tid bit! :)

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There are lots of great herbal teas out there that your little could drink. At this point though, he really shouldn't be having more than a couple ounces of something to drink (aside from breast milk) a day. My son is 14 months and the only thing he drinks besides my milk is water. He has never had juice. He has had rooibos tea (not technically tea) but doesn't drink it regularly. It is what I would recommend though. Rooibos is really quite good for you. Check out these links...


April - posted on 02/15/2010




i don't know how healthy it is but my son likes iced tea (unsweetened), lol. He will drink anything as long as a straw comes with it. He's obessessed with straws.

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