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When does the nipple soreness go away? I think I might need to get a hold of La Leche League. I think she has a good latch but I'm still really sore after 7 weeks.


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Becky - posted on 11/25/2009




I kept a nipple shield handy in the first couple of months. Just use it long enough to get the pain under control. Also, use lanolin, like your life depends on it, after every feed and after showers. I'm so gald those days are over, they will be over for you, soon, too, even though it doesn't feel like it now. Maybe have you OB take a look and make sure you don't have thrush, too. Good job in sticking with it!!

Kathy - posted on 11/25/2009




"The best treatment of sore nipples is prevention. The best prevention is getting the baby to latch on properly from the first day.

Sore nipples are usually due to one or both of two causes. Either the baby is not positioned and latched properly, or the baby is not suckling properly, or both. However, babies learn to suck properly by getting milk from the breast when they are latched on well. (They learn by doing). Thus, “suck” problems are often caused by poor latching on. Fungal infection (due to Candida albicans) may also cause sore nipples. The soreness caused by poor latching and ineffective suckling hurts most as you latch the baby on and usually improves as the baby nurses. The pain from the fungal infection goes on throughout the feed and may continue even after the feed is over. Women describe knifelike pain from the first two causes. The pain of the fungal infection is often described as burning, but may not have this character. A new onset of nipple pain when feedings had previously been painless is a tip off that the pain may be due to a yeast infection, but the pain may be superimposed on pain due to other causes. Cracks may be due to a yeast infection. Dermatologic conditions may also cause late onset nipple pain. There are several other causes of sore nipples."


Hannah - posted on 11/25/2009




Get as much support as you can, even if it is to have a good moan and feel better about things! Sore nipples are awful, I remember it well.... with me I started to feel a lot more comfortable around the 7 / 8 week mark. You should start to feel it improving, like only some of the feeds are painful and some are totally fine... if you are really sore as you say then get an expert opinion if you can and someone to actually look at how your baby is attached.

Also be sure you don't have mastitus or thrush? These can cause a very painful latch.

Good Luck, and in my experience you have already got through the toughest few weeks so well done!

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