Ouch!! Stop!!

Crystal - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 4 month old has no teeth yet but has started bite and pull his head back and omg it feels like my nipple is going to rip right off it hurts so bad to the point where they are still sore the next feed, Any help with this what can I do? does it mean anything besides teethig? I know it hurts something awful!!


Shelz - posted on 03/18/2010




hi, my daughter started doing this when she started teething. Just take him off and say no; everytime he does it. It may not seem like it works but it does! Advised from my mother and worked well for me.
It can be scary to let them feed knowing that they will do it, but just keep persisting :)

Staci - posted on 03/17/2010




I can TOTALLY feel your pain! My son has been doing this a long time as well. He now almost 6 mos. old. There were times when I felt like quitting it was soooooo painful. I would unlatch him, and re latch him, and he would still do it. I would put the creams on my nipples after each feeding. (Lansinoh) I also battled with recurring yeast infections in my breast and had to get a special cream for that. I still use that cream to ease the pain. Are your breast burning as well? Maybe check to see if he has thrush (?) This can sometimes cause a baby to do that as well. You also may want to see if you might have an infection as well. If so, that maybe what is causing you both some discomfort! Hang in there.......it will get better......believe it or not! :)

Stephanie - posted on 03/17/2010




My baby does that towards the end of the feeding and for her I think she is just playing around because she will smile and try it again. I give her a few more tries at feeding just to make sure she has enough but then I tell her that is enough because it hurts mommy and she just giggles. I can't help but smile at her playful little ways.

Kelli - posted on 03/17/2010




My baby has done that from birth. This does NOT always mean they are not latching on correctly, they could be doing something called clamping down. I had a lactation specialist watch me nurse and she assured me I was doing it correctly, the baby just has a clamp down reflex. Should go away on its own, I was told. Still waiting...

Nicole - posted on 03/17/2010




It must be something other than teething hub! My son has been dioing that since 5 months and he's now 8 months! He has no teeth yet! I knowwhat you mean, I went through the same thing. The only thing that has given me a little relief was blowing my nipples with a warm hairdryer which helped with the pain between feeds. I know this sounds impossible atm, but my nipples have toughened up so much that, although it is still a wee bit sore, it's actually bareable!! Believe it or not!! Noe when he bites i can hold my scream in, I certainly couldn't do that before!! My nipples are really small and he unlatches him self, and bites down while sliding my nipple through his clenched gums... He still sometimes does it. But my nipples 'tougher' now


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Tanya - posted on 03/18/2010




OMG!! Mine too! My daughter is 9 months old and has been clamping down on me for months. She just got her first two teeth and now it HURTS!! She scratches too. My poor breasts look like they have fought the war and the other side won! Being that she is my third child, you would think I would know what to do. My first daughter only did it twice. I plugged her nose so she would open her mouth to breath and she hated that, so she never did it again. My second one, stubborn little stinker, bit and bit like I was a chew toy. Now, my third one is doing the same. Not sure what else to do.

Crystal - posted on 03/18/2010




thank soo much glad to know i'm not the only mom that understands my pain...:)

Crystal - posted on 03/17/2010




Its not his latch because he has a very good latch he does this in the middle of the feed only a few the 1st 5-6 min

Luisa - posted on 03/17/2010




My son does that sometimes, not sure why; it could be gas. So I usually stop the feeding and try to burp him and go back. He those it usually at the end of the feeding and only for a few seconds. Try burping him.

Allison - posted on 03/17/2010




He cannot bite down if he is latching correctly, so you'll need to work on his latch. Make sure he's opening his mouth wide, taking a good part of the areola into his mouth, keeping his tongue over his lower gums, and has flared lips (upper and lower). If you feel him start to slip down or latch lazily, pull him toward you. This will cause him to open his mouth wider and fix the latch. If you feel him start to pull away, insert a finger in his mouth (gently) to break the suction. You don't want him pulling back on your nipple - it hurts!

It could be how he's signaling he's done eating or he wants your attention or is uncomfortable....hard to tell. 4 months is a really common distractible time for babies, too. Here's some info:


I'm sure you'll figure out what's going on soon :-)

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