Over eating?

Alisson - posted on 12/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Is this normal? I don't recall this happening with my first baby.

My son is eating every 2 hours, 5-7 oz of milk and he's only 7 weeks old. I'm worn out. We're supplementing with formula so that I can let my nipples take a break, he drinks 5 oz of the formula but he's literally hungry for more 2 hours later, with formula! I thought formula was supposed to keep them full longer?

Any suggestions to help with this? My breasts are constantly engorged, I have to pump if he sleeps 4 hours - I've already had two mastitis, my milk hasn't settled since he's always hungry. I make sure he does two feedings on one breast to get the fat milk in the back but I can't do more than that, otherwise my other breast is screaming for relief (I can pull 8 oz out of one in under 10 minutes, it's ridiculous).

I'm trying to freeze a supply for when I go back to work (my husband is staying home for 9 1/2 months for parental leave) but we constantly have to dip into it so that I can catch a break.

I'm at wits end :(

Edit - he weighs almost 14 pounds now, born 8 lbs 13 oz two weeks early. Is this normal? should I be worried?


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Becky - posted on 12/04/2010




My son was the same way. Sometimes they want to nurse just to be close to you. At first I couldnt get over how much my son wanted to eat, I too thought maybe there wasnt something wrong with him...but then I started nursing him for comfort too and I realized that sometimes he was nursing himself to sleep, he just wanted a quiet dark place...

I know it's hard but I would say just breastfeed him whenever he wants...he can regulate how he sucks whether it be for food or for comfort, he cant do that with a bottle though- and that can overfeed him. Not to say bottle feeding is bad, but with the rate he is going I would try to breastfeed as much as possbile and the more you do the more your nipples will eventually get used to it. What you wrote sounded exactly like my son, around 3-4 months he started nursing less...like 15-20 minutes every 3-5 hours instead of an hour every two hours! It will get better...but no, I dont think there is anything wrong with your son at all! If you are concerned about his weight I would ask him pediatrician, but personally- that sounds fine to me.

Carolyn - posted on 12/04/2010




i wouldnt be too worried, my son weighed 17lbs at 8 weeks if that makes you feel any better ! and that was pure breast milk. no formula, so i feel your pain as far as being super engorged all the time because of the feeding schedule. he is probably on a growth spurt aswell, from what i have been told aroun 6 weeks is prime. 3 days, 6 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, was the ballpark i was told to look for. it took about 3 months before my milk regulated itself so i wasnt totally engorged within 4 hours. i mean , rock hard, could bounce quarters of em !

sounds like just a hungry baby,

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